Mobile phone for a long time will be slow to easily help you get 3 strokes (video)

Mobile phone with a long time will be slow to easily help you get 3 strokes at the same time to play online mahjong, and so I opened the game, they have found a new ride. Do not know if you have this feeling, the phone has just bought a very fast, but not as long as the slow snail. Also all the death card, finally unbearable, had to upgrade and buy a better mobile phone. But do you know? As long as you take good care of your cell phone, maybe it can also be a minute to take a look at you! Xiao Bian today send you a mobile phone acceleration strategy, quickly learn it! Apple mobile phone speed secrets because Apple iOS system characteristics, long time no daemon will automatically shut down free memory, APP does not start automatically. The main reason for the slow speed of iPhone is that the system has been upgraded by mistake, and the reasons for the excessive use of the mobile phone are too much. If you have iPhone upgraded the original system, feeling very quickly, then becomes slow, there are two solutions, one is to restore all settings, two is to erase all content and settings. These two features can be found in "Settings" > "generic" > "restore". "Restore all settings will not delete any existing content, only some settings before you return to the factory, such as wallpaper, network settings, use this function, can effectively improve the running speed of the mobile phone. Sometimes the mobile phone for a long time, resulting in a large number of junk files, slow down the speed of mobile phone, we have to use "erase all content and settings of this function. This trick one, no hay left, mobile phone will be restored to the original state of the factory, APP, SMS, contacts all post installed have been emptied, the mobile phone also returned to the original velocity of flow state, so use this function before, remember to backup. IPhone backup can be completed by installing the iTunes on the computer. Restore the factory settings, and then through the iTunes to restore the contents of the back before you can. Android mobile phone Speed Secrets 1, right exit procedures, timely cleared memory after the program is running, press the HOME key and not return or close the program, just switch to the background program is still running, and occupy CPU memory, do not shut down, not only electricity but also slow down the speed of mobile phone. We must use it in time to close, so as to release its own memory. Some programs press the return key to indicate whether to exit, if not prompted, press the menu key, you will find the exit option. Some programs even if the manual closed, but also a number of processes continue to occupy our precious memory, then you need to manually pull out of it. Open the phone’s main menu, select "Settings" > "application", where you can see all the current open applications and back-end services, according to their own needs, turn off unnecessary processes. If you think that manually shut down trouble, you can also install third party tools to achieve a key to clean up. This kind of third party tools, such as Tencent mobile housekeeper, Baidu guards, etc.. Start the appropriate third party tools, you can see the phone acceleration feature, click on the acceleration, the software will automatically shut down the program will not be used to release more memory. 2, close the useless.相关的主题文章: