Mobile phone explosion incident was exposed to accept goods member of embezzlement was eventually ar-boee

"Mobile phone explosion incident exposed embezzlement accepts the member to take advantage of the turnover was eventually arrested" whole "Zhang never thought of half a month ago, careful planning of yourself, use a crime electronic accessories company accepts the member identity theft of mobile phone accessories, should be exposed with Note7’s" Red Net "event. September 7th, the Xiqing branch of the Development Zone police station received a report within the jurisdiction of an electronic parts company, said the company lost 520 mobile phone accessories, with a total value of more than 4 yuan. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly dispatched to visit the investigation. In the video surveillance video viewing the company nearly a period after the police found September 5th, accepts Zhang to the staff did not pick up his own warehouse at the end of the day, but came to the company responsible for the inspection of goods quality inspection department took a tray of the Samsung Note7 mobile phone box. Zhang also turn a day to the company resigned. According to the investigation, the police concluded that the employee Zhang is likely to be suspected of embezzlement. On the morning of September 13th, the Development Zone police station, the police task force after a week of squatting blocking investigation, culminating in the temple town of Xiqing district will eat breakfast at a roadside Zhang suspects arrested. After interrogation, the crime of theft of mobile phone accessories, Zhang confessed. It turned out that he was going to leave, due to familiar with the company, so he intends to take advantage of his identity as a member of the staff before leaving the whole". On September 5th, the long-awaited Zhang when nobody was looking to the quality department took a tray of mobile phone in the box, then along with the driver routine delivery. Into the car soon, Zhang will be to allow the driver to urinate on the car parked on the roadside, he quietly put the mobile phone in the box and hid the roadside grass, to speak before good buyers come pick up. Everything goes smoothly, Zhang also after the incident the day since the departure from the company, just deceive the past, can not think of "explosion door" let Note7 mobile phone become a "red net". The company organized the staff to check the phone accessories, and found that the value of less than 40 thousand yuan in the box, so the alarm. Currently, Zhang was arrested on suspicion of theft according to law.相关的主题文章: