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Migrant workers dragged nearly 220 thousand yuan wages for the police to help recover arrears of wages refused to pay "Laolai" enterprises were seized "finally got the money, so happy!" November 2nd, migrant workers from Jilin, Shenbei New Area Province in the streets of justice Liu Cui migrant workers rights sub center was owed more than a year of wages of 17 thousand yuan, opened the flower. And Liu Cui in the same site to work with the other 25 migrant workers have also been owed wages. Not only do not pay the contractor also shut down in November 2nd, 13 that can get the wages, Liu Cui and other 25 workers in advance for nearly 1 hours, rushed to the Shenbei New Area Street migrant workers rights center moral. Last July, Liu Cui and her husband came to Shenyang to find a job. After being introduced, Liu Cuitong two package Wang, found work in Shenbei New Area a moral site. At the construction site, Liu Cui is responsible for the lift, the monthly salary of 3500 yuan. Liu Cui said Wang promised to pay a certain amount of money to the end of the year, so she did not pay the exact distribution of wages did not care too much, just to the point of the monthly cost of living. Last November, the site shut down. Liu Cui want to get paid home new year, Wang say no money, only gave her 2000 yuan, so that the rest of Liu Cui home. Liu Cui said, after she has been home to Wang cuiyao wages, until the new year, Wang also promised to give her the money, the money has not come, Wang mobile phone is turned off. The spring of this year, Liu Cui once again return to the work site, the project ends in June 30th. During this period, Liu Tsui only got 1200 yuan wage, and Wang owed her a total of 17 thousand yuan of wages. Liu Cui said, there are 25 workers were owed wages, up to more than 20 thousand yuan in arrears. 26 migrant workers get wages of 217 thousand and 600 yuan Liu Cui and the workers repeatedly find Wang Wang to pay, no money for himself. Looking for site builders, builders promised to help coordinate, but still no results. Liu Cui and others to find a job in the other site, while working side continued to beg for wages. The discussion to no avail, Liu Cui et al found migrant workers rights center and other departments. Liu Cui and other 26 people were owed wages, causing the Shenbei New Area Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to. North Shenyang Public Security Bureau Weiwen Office Deputy Director Cai Jiandong, police Wu Yingwei the first time through the streets and residential construction units and two packs of Wang made contact, and was informed that the builder has according to the contract to pay for projects, but Wang has the money misappropriated, unable to pay wages. When the police in the face of Wang, who carried out legal publicity and education, about the wages of migrant workers will bear serious consequences: if refused to pay will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. After multi-party consultation and communication, the builders decided to start migrant workers margin. November 2nd at 13:30, Liu Cui and other 26 migrant workers have been owed more than a year of wages owed a total of $217 thousand and 600. After receiving wages, Liu Cui will save money to the bank card, and so on a few days, you can take the money to go home for the new year!"相关的主题文章: