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The middle-aged male reproductive success to know the maternal and child health care methods of Sohu around us many men to work, when successful, began to consider fertility problems. But at this time may be due to a number of problems affecting fertility, age is the most intuitive, in addition to the success of fertility, men should pay more attention to enhance the body’s resistance. [planning to wear jeans before pregnancy] due to the age of men has been one of the main causes of infertility. On the one hand, and a middle-aged male but also active sperm, with weakened hand and middle-aged male days and months multiplying bad habits, and some chronic genitourinary diseases. Don’t miss the golden age of male fertility [] newspaper common man was 60 years old, 70 years old can also be a dad, how can we not? Man’s age is so important for children? Many middle-aged fathers heart often have such doubts. In fact, the factors of male age on fertility is crucial, childbirth does not directly cause infertility, but late birth will affect eugenics. The optimal age of birth is between 25~30 years old, and with the increase of age, the neonatal mortality rate will increase accordingly. [middle-aged male reproductive health] first: focus on reproductive health, prevention of male reproductive system disease. Prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, varicocele and other reproductive and urinary diseases can lead to infertility. Therefore, unmarried men should be physical examination once a year to understand their health, if found to be a problem, should go to hospital for treatment. Second: to develop good habits. Quit smoking (especially before birth within six months), drinking and other bad habits, less late at night, soon sit; especially not long wearing tight jeans, keep the blood running smoothly; eat more fruits and vegetables. Third: away from pollution. Try to stay away from air pollution and water pollution caused by industrialization; fruits and vegetables should be cleaned, it is best to eat in order to avoid the abuse of organic Vegetable & Fruit, agricultural fertilizers and pesticides; the use of unleaded gasoline, as contained in automobile exhaust lead is the killer of reproductive system. Fourth: more exercise, enhance body resistance. Special remind: only a Beijing family hospital, no branch! Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: Beijing Tianlun Sterility Hospital (bjtlbyby2) (- press copy)]相关的主题文章: