Mexico Tourism Minister I hope to see more Chinese tourists tataufo

Mexico Tourism Minister: I hope to see more tourists Chinese Xinhua September 19 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Yang) Mexico Tourism Minister Enrique de la Madrid 19, an interview with reporters, said: "we want to see more China tourists travel to Mexico, and will provide more convenience for the." De la Madrid 19 held in Beijing to participate in the "Mexico daily" tourism promotion activities, he said, hope that through this Chinese trip, deepen bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism. In 2015, the number of tourists in Mexico ranks ninth in the world, with the largest number of tourists from the United States and canada. But we do not want to rely solely on the North American market in Mexico tourism, we hope that more Chinese tourists can feel the scenery of Mexico." De la Madrid said. Mexico is located in North America, rich tourism resources, the seat of Pyramid Teotihuacan and Cancun are the world famous tourist resort. Mexico Tourism Bureau official data show that in 2015 the annual total of more than 56000 Chinese tourists in Mexico, compared with an increase of 27% in 2014. 2016 1 to China in Mexico, the number of tourists has reached 41000 people, an increase of 39%. De la Madrid said, hopes to strengthen cooperation with the China tourism department, the Chinese has become one of the main source of tourists in Mexico. De la Madrid said that the Mexico government will strengthen cooperation with China airlines in the near future, opening more direct flights between Mexico and provide better traffic conditions for travel to mexico. Mexico tourism sector will also strengthen cooperation with the business sector, to increase the promotion of Mexico tourism products in the Chinese market, so that more Chinese citizens to understand the tourism resources in Mexico. De la Madrid said, one of the important content of the China line, will be deepened with Chinese tourism companies and operators of cooperation, to provide more tourism products and promotional materials for them. "Mexico has world famous beaches and historic sites, at the same time, we also have a modern city like Mexico City." De la Madrid said that Mexico’s rich cultural and natural resources can meet different kinds of travel demand. The safety problem of China tourists concerned, de la Madrid said security trusted Mexico many travel destinations. As Minister of tourism, one of the priorities of his work is to ensure the safety and reliability of travel destinations. "While the number of Chinese tourists to Mexico is rising, we are also trying to get more Mexicans to travel to China, which is one of the ways of communication between the two countries." De la Madrid told reporters, hope that through bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism, make contribution to promote the development of bilateral relations between the two countries. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: