Metro station to Wenzhou train station opened today moving line No. 2 Pakistan-norton disk doctor

Metro station to Wenzhou train station opened today moving line No. 2 Pakistan reporter yesterday from Wenzhou Jiaoyunjituan learned from today, moving Pakistan line 2 (Wenzhou metro station to the train station) will be officially opened. Mobile Ba 2 line using high-end business bus, in addition to providing passengers with a more clean and comfortable ride bad environment and more spacious seating space, as well as a large capacity of the luggage compartment for passengers to use. That is to say, people often complain about the train station taxi difficult will become the past. According to reports, the dynamic Ba 2 line to take the mode of no ticket, fare $10 people, running time of 7:00~19:30, during the interval between classes for 1 hours. Then, the bus lines will station originating from the town, passing through the Great Hall of the people (bus station) stops; return by the Wenzhou train station, bus departure, via Nanpu zone six (bus station), the Great Hall of the people (bus station) two stops. In addition, from July 1st this year, moving Pakistan line 1 (Longwan International Airport – Wenzhou train station) officially put into operation, and is equipped with a 26 seat luxury bus. Line 1 to line the entire 29 km, the fare is 15 yuan, the line from the airport passenger station, via the airport road, Ouhai Avenue elevated to Wenzhou train station on the way, no stops. The opening of the line, making the Longwan International Airport to Lishui, Qingtian, Fuding, Cangnan, Yueqing and other surrounding areas and counties (cities, districts) passengers can enjoy a more comfortable, more convenient transfer services. Up to now, the average daily traffic has reached more than 500 passenger trips, Pakistan, has been unanimously approved by the majority of passengers. In addition, the city transportation group in 2013 opened a quick "Ba" line, different from the previous two is fast, "Ba" is used in the 9 seat light bus, by the Wenzhou city "Nanpu station" (near Nanpu five) originating via Nanpu Road, Wen Rui Avenue, Ou Haida road to the WenZhou South Railway Station train along the way, no stops. The whole 14 km, with about 30 minutes.相关的主题文章: