Meng Jia song give me good on-line MV expression rate of

Meng Jia song "give me good" MV expression rate on-line entertainment news miss A original Sina attitude China member Meng Jia [micro-blog]6 month contract banana plan, before her new Chinese single "be good to me" (non Chinese name for the issue of "Drip" MV) starting with suspense of the lens language about a a desire to control and conquer the story, let people see an independent Meng Jia bloom. Single "give me good" and MV online line "give me good" is Meng Jia like hip-hop style dance. MV use of suspense scene language describes a desire, control and conquer the story. Meng Jia think this song shows straightforward attitude and she is very fit. The sudden drop in temperature in winter, she is also trying to use hot dance to bring fans more energy. Dance out of my true nature of the original group of the main style of modern dance, and Meng Jia I prefer and good at is HIP HOP. Banana program specially invited choreographer Jonte, together with Meng Jia to "be good to me" MV choreography. In order to show Meng Jia dance strength, the chorus is intentionally left blank part of the lyrics, fill the sensory space with rhythm and dance. Must be with the women’s overall image before other than contrast, the other apparently independent Meng Jia domineering many. Transform silver black hair, in contrast with the MV plot and tone dress, dance scene design and wear accessories, sometimes sexy charm, sometimes cool, a more prominent Meng Jia unique personality. Behind this visual effect, the Meng Jia team staff also saw another beauty. In order to give me good when shooting MV, because the director uses a mirror in the end of the shooting technique, the need for the first time to shoot a full song of the dance, the arts can pose a huge challenge to the human body. For 30 hours in a row, in the 4 scene, Meng Jia completed at least 40 full dance. In such a high intensity of work, Meng Jia’s diet is only apples, bananas, protein and water. Behind the scenes lineup to make Meng Jia an obvious artist in her personal style, banana plans to invite music producer Brian Lee to make her single. "Be good to me" the MV by South Korean director Li Ji whitehand mirror. Meng Jia himself was also involved in the discussion of the whole process, in the path of independent development of a confident step. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: