Men drug hallucination detonated homemade explosives at the street

Men drug hallucination at street detonated homemade explosives Emily a man hallucinations after taking drugs, think that anyone would want to harm themselves, so the homemade explosives "self-defense", and detonated after leaving the street. Recently, Mianyang Fucheng police police linkage, combined operations, in 4 hours after the incident locked and arrested the suspect a Qing, the rapid elimination of the social impact. The street appears suspicious explosives on September 7th at 4 pm, Fucheng branch garden police station received 110 Command Center reported: North Garden roadside suspected explosives for police reinforcements. Police immediately rushed to the scene to check, found a blue clothes wrapped a few gun barrels were left side. For safety reasons, police immediately cordoned off the scene, and then discharged the possibility of explosion. The hotel is detonated after fleeing the police investigation, Fucheng District Public Security Bureau police station north of the city also received the alarm, saying it was in a hotel near chengmian road to detonate suspected explosives. After the police arrived, the suspect had fled, the scene left a plurality of ritual fire cartridge, one of which has been detonated. The police investigation found that the gun barrel and the gunpowder North Garden roadside suspected explosives found similar. The police concluded that the two explosives belonged to the same person. After a visit to the scene investigation, the police learned that no one was injured in the incident. It chengmian road a hotel security, the same day at 5 pm, a middle-aged man wandering outside the hotel after sneaking behavior detonated explosives, fled the scene. Drug illusions of homemade explosives, "self-defense" as soon as possible and arrested the suspect, Fucheng District Public Security Bureau and the city Bureau xuntejing formed a joint task force to arrest, quickly locked the suspect identity information and activities of the track. In September 7th 9, the suspects were successfully captured a qing. A Qing, male, three county people. According to your account, he started taking drugs from September this year, due to drug overdose hallucinations, always suspect that someone will follow murder themselves, so the use of gunpowder barrel large salute in the six team garden rental, the addition of glass slag particles made of explosive cylinder as a "self defense weapon". 7 am, Emily certain drugs have a strong illusion, ignited the first barrel within its rental and carry a plurality of explosive cylinder fled to chengmian Road near a hotel, the hotel staff asked, others thought the other to murder, once again detonated the barrel after fleeing. Fortunately, the scene did not cause injury. The police found in the North Garden with a blue clothes wrapped barrel, is a Qing left in the roadside. Subsequently, the Fucheng police and the police organization of the Secretary of a rental house search, confirm the account of the case. At the same time, the police also seized the room has been removed and a plurality of gun barrel explosion tube. At present, the suspect’s a suspicion of the crime explosion detention by the police according to law. Source: Sichuan Public Security Bureau website相关的主题文章: