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Media: little Ma Yun was concerned about torture precision poverty – in 2015, Jiangxi City, Yongfeng County, 8 year old children in rural areas of Fan Xiaoqin, because of the special like a long time, like in the social network burst red. This year on the eve of "double 11", and making the network exposure Jiangxi "Ma" poverty problem in micro-blog, many netizens called for him to go to school by ma. November 9th, Ma said in an internal e-mail, he is willing to bear the ‘ma’ school expenses for his college graduation". Friends broke the news, because his family was poor, Fan Xiaoqin and his brother had never been to school, and even the kindergarten has not been. Fan Xiaoqin’s father when he was young because the snake was forced to amputation, mother of childhood polio, and cattle was unfortunately poked blind in one eye, the family had 83 year old Alzheimer’s grandmother to raise. The family of five people rely on the disabled father support. Such a family, no matter from what point of view, are extremely poor, should get the help of the government and the whole society. "Ma small burst of red network, especially Ma promised to subsidize the school, after becoming a new hot point in the network, Yongfeng County propaganda minister came to the" small Ma "home condolences, and found out from the 500 yuan condolences sent to the" small Ma "in the hand of the father. The local volunteer association also said it would give Fan Xiaoqin a monthly payment of poor supplies (a bag of rice and a barrel of 5 liters of cooking oil), but also will not visit them regularly. Local authorities should be sure to follow up in a timely manner, but these actions have not been well received by users, a lot of people in the news behind the comment, why did you go?" If Fan Xiaoqin is not like Ma Yun this kind of celebrity, not because of poor some characteristics and become a network reds, or although he became network reds, but did not cause Ma Yun’s attention, he and his family by the local authorities concerned, leading to the leading cadres of the home condolences? Of course, we can not deny the fact that the Fan Xiaoqin family has enjoyed the local poverty alleviation policy. The two storey building such as "red brick color clear small Ma" live without paint is funded by the government of 16 thousand and 800 yuan building cover. In addition, the small Ma family enjoy 180 yuan per person per month subsistence allowances, this policy until 2020. However, the precise poverty alleviation targets for poverty alleviation, accurate identification, precise help, precision management, requires greater efforts, more targeted, more direct, more effective measures. For small Ma such a family, Pratt & Whitney poverty alleviation policy is still far from enough to help them build a house, the family included in the scope of subsistence allowances, the government is still doing the most basic responsibility. On the little Ma a more targeted help should be reported before the media, rather than wait until it becomes a net red, even after the attention of ma. It shows that the local poverty alleviation efforts on the accuracy is not satisfactory, but also extensive poverty alleviation, rather than precise poverty alleviation. "Little Ma" has attracted a lot of ridicule, this look at the face of the world, even the poor have to be poor. Their family’s poverty has been widely reported, so it has been the concern and help from all sectors of society相关的主题文章: