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Master the first lesson: Lu Xun humorous lectures often cited laughter – Beijing students Gu Teng guest autumn to celebrate the opening quarter. The students finished the happy summer vacation, entered the ideal school and began a new life. Anecdotes they will talk about the new teacher, and those masters of the first lesson, more people talked about. Lu Xun, a master of literature, always prepares rich and vivid materials for students when they start school. Lu Xun is the first class, a smile, and then read the notes on the page, began immediately, surging like a waterfall. Lu Xun with a humorous tone, speak less than twenty minutes, I heard a burst of students. In order to better understand the students, Lu Xun still on the blackboard painting, or body language. Once, in order to explain the "Youyang miscellany" in the story, his upturned face, hunched, leaned back, the body bent on shaking feet, standing instability, he said to himself: "first and I could also bun." Students see this situation, is very touched. Master Chen Yinque taught history, history of Sui and Tang Dynasties in the southwest, every lesson of school, he will be at the outset: "predecessors said, I do not speak; neighbor said, I do not speak; foreigners speaking, I don’t speak; I myself used to say, don’t say. Now I’m talking about people who never spoke." Each class, Chen Yinque will carry a variety of books to be cited, wrapped in yellow cloth, get the classroom, on the podium. Important sentences encountered citation, will be written on the blackboard. About into the place, often closed eyes while talking to the bell rang, still keep on. Although the number of his lecture classes is not straightforward, but feel boring, but that is a kind of enjoyment. Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Wu Mi, school often wore a grey cloth gown, wearing a top soil cotton nightcap, a hand carry a cloth, hand a stick on the podium. Although the traditional dress, it is pure poetry English. But when the lecture notes or paper, look at the content, blurted out, go. He spoke proudly when they pick up the stick, with the rhythm of the poem, a light of a heavy knocks on the ground. On a whim, Wu Mi will be in the classroom to read their own poems, he even wrote. He had some European style, the students recalled: "the teacher is often on the nature, only specify some reference books, we have to read and write a Book report. Class sometimes speak some anecdotes, make us laugh sauced with wit." Philosophy Master Feng Youlan, every time you want to call the roll. His lecture is very vivid, easy to understand, he does not carry out logical analysis, but to tell some stories in the history of philosophy. Students sometimes do not have to take notes, listen to the happy, but also understand his meaning. This lecture, very popular with the students, "he told China philosophy of history", in addition to the students, foreign students are attracted to attend. The more than and 100 big classroom is full of students. Feng has some stuttering, often a word on the blackboard has been completed, his words have not finished. His thought is very smooth, like October she was tortured, day of birth but give birth to a pearl in the palm. School class Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Zhang Taiyan put more great in strength and impetus.相关的主题文章: