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"I Hangzhou marathon marathon" theme of the forum successfully held Sohu sports "Guangzhou Honda – 2016 Hangzhou marathon forum" held in Zhejiang Great Hall of the people today, the forum hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal People’s government, Zhejiang Province Sports Bureau; Zhejiang province sports competition center, Zhejiang province marathon the United States Sports Group contractors Association. Hangzhou City, senior vice president, vice mayor Chen Hongying, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, Li Hua, Zhang Han, sports group, South China Normal University professor Tan Jianxiang attended the forum. Hangzhou Ma 30 years change speech on the theme of the forum, vice mayor of Hangzhou city Chen Hongying, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, sports group Li Hua, senior vice president Zhang Han, South China Normal University professor Tan Jianxiang around the theme of this forum is "the Hangzhou marathon, my marathon" spoke.   deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau Li Hua tells the events of Hangzhou Ma 30 years you will see, it is a process of Hangzhou Ma ", from the first day in West Lake to West Lake International Marathon Osmanthus fragrans marathon, and then to the Hangzhou International Marathon, finally decided to present the Hangzhou Marathon; second is the number of Hangzhou Ma players continue to grow, the first more than and 600 people from Hangzhou Ma to more than 30 thousand this year; third is the hang horse race brand promotion, from the event to a bronze medal event" three jump ", and put forward the goal — the international gold standard tournament next Hangzhou ma.   vice mayor of Hangzhou, Chen Hongying tells the story of Hangzhou Ma route 30 years development course, she will hang horses for thirty years is divided into three stages, respectively, in 1987 -2001 of the West Lake times, 2002 -2013 years of age since 2014 the south, across the river in the dual core era. She changes on every stage of Hangzhou MA line have done a detailed description, the first day in West Lake osmanthus marathon commemorates the Sino Japanese friendship and held it, the line let runners appreciate only half of West Lake, even can not be called a regular marathon; and 42 km in 2002 full marathon restart, and for the first time the Huanglong Sports Center as the end point of Hangzhou Ma, which greatly expanded the Hangzhou Ma route; 2014, Hangzhou Ma for the first time stepping across Qiantang River, the West Lake scenic area has been fully incorporated into the Hangzhou Ma route; and this year Olympic Sports Center and the International Exhibition Center was also included in Hangzhou Ma layout.   cheemay Sports Group senior vice president Zhang Han, starting from the origin of marathon, pointed out that the spirit of the marathon is perseverance, patience, victory and hard work. He believes that the Chinese marathon can be used "just unfolding" to describe the development trend of Chinese City Marathon good, consistent with the World Marathon ahead of the pace, but also put forward to the blind pursuit of quantity, the marathon finish quality is more important. He was referring to the United States, analyzes the Chinese marathon now exist advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is in low threshold, simple and easy to operate, but the disadvantage is that the overall level of domestic mass marathon is still relatively low, but the large population weak foundation marathon. Tan Jianxiang, a professor at the South China Normal University, tells the story of a marathon in the world.相关的主题文章: