[map] the sale of 5.69-6.69 million furthermore steam Kai Teng V60 officially listed Sohu car actv

[map] the sale of 5.69-6.69 million furthermore steam Kai Teng V60 officially listed Sohu Sohu [car car new car]2016 in November 8th, the new Ma Fu steam new 7 seat SUV – Kai Teng V60 officially listed, launched a total of 3 1.5L dynamic models for consumers to choose, the price range of 5.69-6.69 million. Fu steam Kai Teng has launched a small passenger car Kai Teng M70, pure electric derived models M70 EV, MPV models Kai Teng EX80, will now take the opportunity to further open up Teng V60 passenger car market. [deputy general manager of Fujian Province Automobile Industry Group Co. Ltd.   Wang Zhiyong []; Fujian automotive Limited by Share Ltd marketing department Minister Yang Dong] [Photo] leadership       Model Description: appearance: Design Kai Teng V60 in front of the three banners, black and silver under the shield of the front bumper increased its SUV visual effects. While the body is added to the double waist line design, add a touch of sports atmosphere for the car. Body size, car length and breadth were 4505× 1730× 1788mm, the wheelbase is 2721mm, the wheelbase and cash Kai Teng EX80 consistent. Interior: Kai Teng V60 interior to red, black color tone. The control layout is very simple, the design of T type of symmetry, with the multifunction steering wheel movement, set navigation, radio, SUX, SUB and reverse image function 8 inch screen intelligent vehicle, to a certain extent, improving the car’s temperament. Power: Kai Teng V60 will be equipped with a Dongan 1.5L DVVT naturally aspirated engine, maximum power of 85kW. Transmission or matching five speed manual gearbox. It is reported that the car 100 km fuel consumption 6.8L, the maximum speed of 150km H. Summary: with the increasingly fierce market competition, the new automotive V60 positioning in the "big seven quality price ratio SUV, the Almighty" 7 varied space, rich technology configuration, both household and commercial utility, the Kai Teng V60 competitiveness be guaranteed. Kai Teng V60 as a new automotive new flagship model, not only is the new automotive flagship models, but also further improve the product layout of Kai Teng, a great tool to enhance market competitiveness and attract more young consumers. (responsible editor: Bear fly)相关的主题文章: