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Manicure think the price is too expensive? Quickly buy a queen’s honor Tencent digital news (chares) Nailbot is an intelligent mobile phone Manicure printer, it can print out your nails with beautiful patterns in five seconds for. Nailbot’s work is divided into three steps, first with light coloured nails at the bottom, and then use the Nailbot mobile APP to select the best love pattern for your nails, the APP supports both iOS and Android operating system, the printer will end in five seconds quickly in your fingernails a beautiful pattern. You can also design their own unique Manicure patterns on the APP and upload to the network, Nailbot also launched a bonus contest, to help those involved in the activities of the Artist Challenge Manicure pattern participants to sell their design works. Nailbot developed by Preemadonna company, Nailbot printer prototype Preemadonna originally designed by the front camera to capture the user’s finger and its carapace image, also plans to release a APP version of the test in augmented reality late this year, with the other intelligent mobile phone camera to determine the position of the nail shell and draw the pattern, with automatic adjustment of pattern size augmented reality APP the computer vision function and print function, to adapt to each user’s unique nail size. Manicure without too much trouble it can fix the source: KickStarter相关的主题文章: