Man wearing a knife with a knife robbed gas station was arrested less than 1

Drunk man masked knife robbery gas station less than 1 hours caught the original title: the masked man knife robbery crime gas station less than an hour was captured in an online news according to the Anhui daily news, South Korean film "attack the gas station" is about a group of masked men armed with knives robbed a gas station, triggered a series of the story of events. Days ago in Xuancheng County of Langxi, it really happened with gangster masked knife robbery incident of real gas station. The robbers eventually arrested more than in the film "miserable", the man not only did not grab 10 Fen things, was arrested from crime to even less than 1 hours. 23:30 on November 11th Xu, a masked man driving a motorcycle into the two round of development zone of a gas station staff, Ms. Zhang near ready to refuel their vehicles, but the man from his pocket and pulled out a dagger at Ms. Zhang shouted: "rob, to give him the money." Ms. Zhang was scared to run away immediately, and shouting robbery." Upon seeing the man abandoned to pursue zhangdajie, turn around and rushed into the gas station in the supermarket, the supermarket with a knife in front of the other two staff to continue shouting: "rob, to give him the money." At this time the police station near the patrol was received Ms. Zhang alarm, rushed to the scene. Working with the staff of the confrontation between the gas station the man saw the police arrived, quickly throw hands have been robbed of property, open the face mask toward the police came, a police command dialogue with their surrender, another officer caught a stride forward the dagger won, the man quickly fled by car to panic the direction of the county. See the man fled by car, followed by the police, and use the car loudspeaker to the loudspeaker, while directing to the County Bureau of the center report request based cards interception. On the Guogou plaza near Wuhu Road to Langxi Jianping County of Zhenning, the man suddenly turned to a back alley, the police continue to chase off, culminating in a dead man arrested. At this point only 50 minutes away from the man committing the crime. Masked men armed with knives robbed Shimou brought by the police to the police station after the trial, admitting that the alcohol in the evening after a quarrel with his family, then the initiation of the masked knife robbery, and confessed to their crimes. At present, Langxi has been a criminal detention by the police. Source: Zhong an online editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: