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Malone do hand in hand, Jolin ten Olympic athletes who are concerned about the number of public concern Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Malone is a fan of Jolin! The ten Olympic champion Idol "every day", Malone and Jolin finally idol on the same stage, the two is not only the chorus "today you want to marry you", playing field Malone taught Jolin, in fact, many of the Olympic champion also Starchaser, today we set point 10 sports star heart like. 1. Malone is a fan of Jolin’s     Rio Olympic table tennis men’s singles champion Malone is a fan of his brother Jolin, he is said to love Jolin has for 13 years, when Jolin concert in Beijing when he went to, and took a photo in the background and Jolin, and Malone won the gold medal, Jolin also in micro-blog said the blessing, and two more recently in "every day" on the same stage, not only sing love songs, Malone helped Jolin to play table tennis. 2. Zhang Jike’s spouse is Sheenah "never sleep" Zhang Jike Yinliyue Olympic Games become the "Red Net", his idol, spouse is Sheenah, because of his love of Sheenah’s personality, the opening of micro-blog, he made a total of only more than and 30 of micro-blog’s 3 is about Sheenah, Zhang Jike in more recently mango show, "we have come to the" and "happy camp", the same frame and Sheenah on the same stage. 3. Sun Yang is a fan of Avril Sun Yang had said at the event, his childhood dream is to be a singer, he has worked in micro-blog exposes his idol is full of personality small rock days, "Avril", he said that every time he played before, will listen to her songs to encourage myself, after a day of training also listen to a song to relax the idol, idol Avril gave him a lot of spiritual strength. 4. The ideal type of Chen Ruolin is that Show Luo is a crazy groupies in the national diving team "Princess" Chen Ruolin, who she said his ideal type is Show Luo, 2012 to the media, Show Luo traveled to London to witness her in the women’s 10 meter diving gold medal, when Chen Ruolin saw the audience "pig", but also handle the bouquet to the pig, the field caused a sensation. 5. Zhang Mengxue’s love of small Yue Yue     the first of the Rio Olympic gold advocate Mengxue love Yue Yunpeng, even with the national team of "color value play" Ning Zetao for example, "I think Yue Yunpeng and Ning Zetao as handsome!".   6. Zhou Yang sought the idol JJ Lin for many years China player Zhou Yang women’s short track speed skating in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver a famous battle, a later interview, she said his idol is JJ Lin, she has been regarded as the idol JJ Lin and big brother. JJ Lin learned that, in order to achieve the wish of Zhou Yang, specially invited to watch his concert. 7. Chen Xiaojun is a loyal fan of BIGBANG Chinese flower Tour team is also a fan of Chen Xiaojun sister, earlier she had been exposed to see BIGBANG concert photos. She was in a good mood when she saw the idol, and she had a new look相关的主题文章: