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Male pregnancy Knowledge Q – Sohu maternal doctor Hello, I’m Mr. Wang, 31 years old this year, often entertaining, long-term drinking and smoking on male pregnancy has what effect? How to reduce the impact on pregnancy? Mr. Wang Hello, long-term drinking and smoking will affect sperm activity, easy to cause male infertility. If you want to get pregnant, at least 3 months in advance to six months to quit smoking wine ready for pregnancy. Doctor: Hello, my name is Li, 28 years old this year, I heard her number will reduce pregnancy during the "energy", with high quality baby, to do this? Hello, there is some truth in general, abstinence 3-5 days semen quality optimal, normal couples with 1-2 times a week, during the preparation pregnant woman, according to her ovulation period, easy to form a good egg. Hello, I am Mr. Chen, 25 years old this year, love cycling, I heard that the male during pregnancy can not ride a bike, is this true? Mr. Chen: Hello, long time sitting on the bicycle seat hard may lead to reduced sperm, sperm activity decreased, affect fertility; if you want to ride, try a little short time, wear loose clothes, choose soft cushion. Hello doctor, I am 27 years old, Mr. Liang, usually the body is weak, easy to catch a cold have a fever, what is the effect on the preparation of pregnancy? Hello Mr Liang, one of the key reasons is the influence of the temperature of sperm. Cold fever may cause the local temperature is too high, thus affecting the quality of spermatogenesis. Hello doctor, I am Mr. Ho, 29 years old, during pregnancy, how to carry out diet conditioning, which food will have adverse effects? Hello Mr. Ho, prepared during pregnancy do not eclipse is good, eat more fish, beef and mutton; eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.. Hello, doctor, I am Mr. Zhou, 30 years old, plans to prepare for pregnancy, generally have to do what inspection? Mr. Zhou Hello, you need to do a lot of checks or I have to give you a list of ~!相关的主题文章: