Ma Yun very satisfied with the results of the hope that the eleven to bring happiness to everyone lata-01

Ma Yun: very satisfied with the results of eleven to bring happiness to everyone Sina Francisco November 12th morning news, at a distance of eleven double ended less than half an hour, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun appeared in two 11 media center with the iconic smile. At the time of the scene on the big screen 116 billion 400 million of real-time data, Ma said he was very satisfied with this figure. Ma said: Double eleven is no longer a sales figure, hoping to promote the progress of various industries in China through the double eleven to bring happiness to everyone." Turning to the outside world for a number of 11 and some of the views of the number of questions, Ma Yun think how many people like the double 11, there are many people hate double 11. 11 will continue to do it, and now has done the 8 session, there may be a 92. And not only in China, but also to do the world, perhaps in the 12 anniversary or the anniversary of the year, you can go to Europe, Japan, the United States, the world to expand the activities of the double 11 of the 15. As for the data, Ma Yuncheng: "a lot of people are suspected of Alibaba double eleven data, this is a very normal thing for us, just like twenty years ago I doubted the Microsoft software sales, because no one China software. Transformation and upgrading by double eleven forced from all walks of life is the most important objective of the Alibaba, Ma said: "despite a lot of technical reserves, the morning peak reached 120 thousand per second payment transaction, but still encountered a bottleneck, for many consumers not good shopping experience, so we need to continue to work hard." Ma Yun said that this year eleven is expected to produce 600 million or 700 million orders, these orders will be sent out for the logistics of a huge pressure, especially in the northeast and northwest area also has the possibility of blizzards and other bad weather, we want to double eleven forced the society to improve the construction of infrastructure, but do not want to eleven orders to logistics to double down. For the problem of fake, Ma said, the current Tmall Taobao fakes can be tracked, we once found the sale of counterfeit goods, it must be the corresponding business out, but we found that the Chinese and global traditional retail industry there are a large number of fake market. The "comprehensive management of counterfeiting the needs of the whole society, should not tell us which are fake, but there should be law enforcement departments to turn off the fake plant, their business licenses revoked." Ma Yunru is saying. Many people say that there is any boundary Alibaba, Ma Yun believes that the Internet has no boundaries, but myself as the engine of innovation, to Ali playing the new economy, the future will be an economy on the Internet, young people all over the world, all walks of life through the infrastructure of the global economy, trade. "The results of the GMV to cancel today, because of excessive attention to GMV, the Alibaba will become a business, but we now have a lot of other business, Taobao Tmall employees add up to more than 10 thousand, but the Alibaba a total of nearly 50 thousand people, we now put the resources in the next 20 years, we believe that corporate social value is in return, the greater the. Big data, cloud computing is the future trend." Zhou Xue!相关的主题文章: