Lu Kaifeng gold Bulls beat the clouds cover the top of the callback is into many opportunities-3344111

Lu Kaifeng: Gold Bulls beat the clouds cover the top of the callback is into the opportunity to view the latest market client market twists and turns, like a footpath; pass the ridge to detour a few steps, some people spend. Yesterday gold trend generally is not too large, the morning wave plunge down tentative low prices after 1313.3 began to step back three days after the shock upstream, repeated the final callback uplink tentative line 132526 back to the vicinity of 1323 consolidation. The short term is Monday Tuesday market downward upside down, down Powei callback several times, and today after a support upward Powei always need another three callback to consolidate the market closed at 1322 last night, the market has been below 1322 horizontal waist interception. 1322 here always does not go down, then today will usher in the market is likely to rise, but today’s news is more concentrated, and the first not to talk about the United States when the week jobless claims and a series of data, there are some of these variables, we need to do is the second wave line instead of gambling and market. For the gold rose and our primary concern was this evening UK interest rate resolution to the UK market, back in Europe since the situation gradually stabilized, the attention of the public? Kaifeng Lu believes that the interest rate decision announcement effect is unlikely to be bearish for gold, the British economy has not yet fully stabilized so single from the news, today’s market is expected is good for gold, it is also because of this, the gold all last night stabilized above 1322, after the present gold crossed and broken down under the 1322 key support, multi graph trend still exists. Below the support level is 13181319 days in line, only need to wait for a callback to do more than you can wait for prices rose harvest. In the short term has gradually opened up space, from the technical point of the public land at present? Kaifeng 5-3 a whole wave has been completed, has been in decline significantly in the 1322 closed, next is another wave of 5-3 structure. The rise space has been opened, the daily above after five root column yesterday received a small Yin with Yang on the column under the shadow of the wave structure, uplink has been opened, near 1321 and the following 1319 first batch code into more than a single line MA5 and MA10, the hour average cross after have downward bend, is likely to continue run down in the short term, below support near 1319, down running space may shock down to around 1319. But this is just a concussion. After the daily level yesterday received positive column, currently the top band in China under the rail track momentum space crunch could make the shock interval again reduced, but yesterday the shock interval trend is still upward, so the days of operation is still in do the callback. Spot gold part of the single point to do 13191321 line approach more than a single stop near the 1314, in turn, look at the number of 1330, 1335. Beijing time on Wednesday (September 14th) evening 22:30, the U.S. energy information administration.相关的主题文章: