Lottery number selection model magic weapon, self positioning method selected number of gold 10

A model of magic created positioning method selection won gold 10 million 60 thousand – Sohu since October 24th Shuangseqiu 900 million awards to lottery pick, all lottery has invested great enthusiasm to the lottery, the double bet was the first prize lucky almost each issue. 11 10 April Shuangseqiu phase 2016132 4 note award whispering Shanghai, including 2 injection in 2 injection, multiple betting betting in the first prize, the single note bonus prize plus 5063186 yuan, 5000000 yuan, if multiple betting winners total prize money reached 10063186 yuan. Multiple betting winners Ms. Chen (of surname) who was born in Shanghai, in second days after the lottery, she alone came to our prize awarding. Years of playing the lottery Ms. Chen is a type of lottery, to pick her the very idea of positioning themselves – first choose basketball, then according to set the red number chart, a few years down the total is also a small prize for. Double bet 8 + 1 is the way Ms. Chen lottery has been a habit, she did not intentionally directed Plus Award activities and buy, the pick when she felt blue "07" did not have time to open up, so the recent period of the basketball number after she bought "07", the red ball number according to her own "22 orientation" analysis, feeling good, the whole group of betting number she had after 4 weeks. That night to see Ms. Chen glance I won the lottery winning number broadcast on TV, but then took the lottery online lottery on it again and again, finally determine their prize undoubtedly. Mrs Chen is interested in buying lottery pick, but she sent during the award bonuses but made confused, until the expiry date she didn’t know how much his prize, only about 5000000 yuan in thought…… The staff told Ms. Chen in the current Shuangseqiu 900 million faction award winners, multiple bets except single note bonus of about 5000000, plus 5 million bonus can share awards, the total prize money of more than 10 million! After listening to this, Ms. Chen almost called out, repeatedly asked whether we are true, she said that this is twice as much as expected, it is too unexpected! Later, listening to Ms. Chen said, the huge prize is "timely rain" to her, now she has been middle-aged alone, a seriously ill father to take care of, so many years has put himself to delay. The doctor’s father spending a lot of life is in distress, this award, can improve the living environment, so that they can have some comfort father and daughter. Ms. Chen said, the welfare lottery is to convey a positive energy, insist on good begetsgood. At present, the double chromosphere 900 million faction Award activities have been carried out for nearly a month, presumably players are also well aware of the rules of School Awards, only the winner can enjoy double bet award grace oh! In addition to the 900 million award, the Shanghai area as well as "gold week" activities help mainland residents now in addition to the two generation ID card can be used as the basis for, including three types of valid documents of Hong Kong and Macao residents traveling to the mainland passes, between Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan residents and foreigners passport valid identity documents, can also participate in registration the Shanghai WeChat public welfare.

彩民选号有模型法宝 自创定位法选号揽金1006万-搜狐  自10月24日双色球9亿大派奖活动开始,各地彩民们就投入了莫大的热情,踊跃购彩,复式投注中得一等奖的幸运儿几乎每期都有。11月10日双色球第2016132期有4注大奖花落上海,其中2注复式投注中得、2注单式投注中得,一等奖单注奖金5063186元,加奖奖金5000000元,若复式投注中奖者则总奖金达到了10063186元。   复式投注中奖者陈女士(化姓)是土生土长的上海人,开奖后的第二天一早,她便独自来到我们兑奖处兑奖。玩了多年彩票的陈女士是一位技术型彩民,对于选号定位她很有自己的想法――先选蓝球,再根据走势图定下红球号码,几年累计下来倒也是时有小奖入账。复式投注8+1的方式是陈女士一直的购彩习惯,她并没有特意冲着加奖活动而买,这次选号时她觉得蓝球“07”有段时间没开出来了,因此最近几期的蓝球号码她都在追买“07”,红球号码是根据她自创的“两两定位法”分析出来的,感觉不错,整组投注号码她已经追了4周。当晚看电视上播出中奖号码时陈女士便知自己中奖了,但之后还是拿着这张彩票在网上对奖对了一遍又一遍,终于确定自己中大奖无疑。话说陈女士对购彩选号是颇有研究,但她对派奖期间奖金多少却犯了糊涂,直到来兑奖了她还没弄清楚自己中得奖金到底有多少,只以为中了500多万元……工作人员就告诉陈女士当期正值双色球9亿大派奖,复式投注中奖者除了单注奖金500多万,还能分得加奖奖金500万,总奖金得超过千万呢!听了这些,陈女士差点叫了出来,反复问我们是不是真的,她说这比原来预期的多了一倍,实在太意外了!后来,听陈女士说,这笔巨额奖金对她来说是场“及时雨”,现已中年的她一直孤身一人,家有病重老父要照顾,这么多年下来也把自己给耽误了。父亲看病的支出很大,生活也比较窘迫,这次中了大奖,就可以改善一下生活环境,让他们父女俩可以过得舒心一些。陈女士表示,福利彩票是一种正能量的传递,坚持下去好人终有好报。   目前,双色球9亿大派奖活动已进行将近一个月了,想必彩民们也都很清楚派奖规则了,只有复式投注中奖者才能享受派奖恩惠哦!除了9亿派奖外,上海地区还有“金条周周送”活动助力,现在除大陆居民二代身份证可作为报名依据外,包括港澳居民往来内地通行证、台湾居民往来大陆通行证、外籍人士护照有效身份证件在内的三类有效证件,也可通过上海福彩微信公众号报名参与抽奖。欢迎彩民们继续参与。相关的主题文章: