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Live in Thailand Koh Samui travel mouring – tourism Sohu yesterday, once again after two years in Thailand, the "return" of Thailand this term, in my circle of friends caused some small lively "back to Thailand? You really put yourself as a Thai, "in 2013, I came to Thailand, Phuket Island alone. Professional wedding photography here. Off and on, a stay is more than a year. It is a real sense of the year is. Since then, a new self has returned to china. In Thailand, I get a different world outlook and values. So, in a sense. I was born in Thailand. Choose this time to Thailand. There is a professional factor, want to in a specific historical period, and then to Thailand, with the lens to record the country I love. After all, this is the first time in Thailand for decades, the king died mouring period. The king of Thailand King Rama nine world of his majesty, King Bhumibhol of Thailand · Adud is the world’s richest king. His personal property is around 22 billion 586 million euros. 7 evening local time on October 13, 2016, Thailand announced that the Royal Thai King Bhumibhol died at 3:52 in the afternoon, at the age of 88, and in December 5, 1927, Bhumibhol was born in Massachusetts, Kan Bridge, two unfortunate death of his father. In June 9, 1946, his brother Ananta · Madun king suddenly after the assassination of the same year, Bhumibhol ascended the throne, and was crowned in 1950. He is the longest reigning king in the world today, more than second queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in for more than 5 years, and also the king of Bangkok. He was loved by the overwhelming majority of the people of Thailand. So many years. He is working for the people. Let the well-being of the people living in Thailand index higher than most countries. In this country, the income of citizens is not high, but the benefits are quite good. The minimum standards of income in Thailand is about 9000 baht, about 1800 yuan. This is the lowest standard, no matter in what place Thailand, employee must perform this minimum standard. General convenience store cashier, supermarket employees of this type of work salary is 9000-12000 baht (RMB 1800-2300 yuan). Company general staff is 12000-15000 baht (RMB 2300-2800 yuan) to see a doctor for the protection of the poor, the government of Thailand has launched the "30 baht (about 6 yuan) a plan", and in 2002 this scheme will be extended to the country. According to the plan, each participant in every case only pay 30 baht registration fee, you can use all the services provided by the hospital, including medical, hospitalization or surgery costs. The only restriction is that the government may only be appointed at a government hospital. The plan covers almost half of Thailand’s population. In other words, as long as you go to the provincial public hospital, a doctor as long as 6 yuan, other countries are paid. So you can see the portrait of the king, anywhere in Thailand, from the street to the alley, from the temple to the store. In Thailand, he has a.相关的主题文章: