Liuzhou East Avenue extension of the whole line of the opening of the vehicle two-way six lane

Liuzhou City willow Avenue East extension line opened vehicle two-way six lane Southland today reported Liuzhou   in October 8th, I learned from relevant departments, in the completion of the road engineering, traffic engineering, road engineering, green engineering, willow Avenue East extension line will have been opened to traffic in October 9th. Connected to the urban area of Liuzhou and willow District, new willow Avenue (formerly the project name Liu Dong Avenue) was completed in 2006, the road design for two-way six lane, a total length of about 14 km, the city’s main roads. In December 2008, Liuzhou city decided to Liu Dong Avenue North Extension to Luzhai County, to get rid of Liu Dong District, Luzhai County into the "bottleneck of one hour economic circle". Willow Avenue East extension line from the South East Avenue Luorong end point (Luorong Town West), North Zhai Luzhai County finally fly overpass ramp terminal, the vehicle is about 17.2 kilometers, two-way six lane design speed of 60 km. The project started in October 2009, with a total investment of 970 million yuan. Liu East Avenue extension line passes along Luorong Town, Pangu Industrial Park, Luzhai County Center Industrial Park, is a key part of Liu deer corridor "development.相关的主题文章: