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Liuxiaolingtong rumor "death" to the new network users comfort: Monkey – Liuxiaolingtong micro-blog in longevity. Beijing, September (Xinhua) 12 on the Internet last night, Liuxiaolingtong died due to rumors spread. The article said that Liuxiaolingtong died of illness in a hospital in Shaoxing, at the age of 57 years old. Immediately, Liuxiaolingtong micro-blog rumor, rumor mongers and angrily: "I don’t know who is the victim ‘s what reason I have died in Shaoxing that does not exist in the hospital?" In fact, since 2013, the network rumors on the old version of the TV series "journey to the west" in the actor Sun Wukong Liuxiaolingtong died of false rumors. Liuxiaolingtong also repeated the rumor, but the rumor is repeated. Liuxiaolingtong said yesterday, hope that the relevant departments of the state of the network to spread malicious rumors behavior to check the source for serious treatment, hope netizens friends don’t believe rumors rumors, please check before forwarding. Liuxiaolingtong innocent "death" attracted a lot of friends came to comfort the monkey: "don’t be afraid! We provided to longevity!" Love chapter teacher, I wish you peace." There are friends laugh: "there is no joke, Hades ye the name of the king."相关的主题文章: