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Liu Maoshan won the 2016 annual "China financial discipline Lifetime Achievement Award – Beijing, China News Agency, Tianjin (reporter Zhang Daozheng) in September 25, the fund will Hongru Financial Education (formerly Liu Hongru financial education foundation co sponsored by the Nankai University Institute of Finance) and the 2016 annual" Chinese financial discipline Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony in 25 days at the Nankai University, more than 300 people gathered together to celebrate the famous scientist Professor Liu Maoshan of Nankai University financial insurance award. Financial education fund Hongru honorary chairman, Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Liu Hongru, vice mayor of Tianjin municipal government Yan Qingmin, Nankai University President Gong Ke attended the event, and jointly awarded Liu Maoshan award certificates and medals. Wang Guangqian, vice president of the China financial discipline Lifetime Achievement Award, vice president of Central University of Finance and Economics, read the award. "Chinese financial discipline Lifetime Achievement Award by the fund of financial education scholar will be set up, aims to recognize outstanding contributions outstanding financial discipline leader in the financial disciplines, promote universities and scientific research institutions to carry out financial research and financial education, promote the China financial discipline construction and development, cultivate talents for Chinese financial reform, innovation and development. "China financial discipline lifetime achievement award to take centralized assessment, the annual award of the year award, 1 to 3 place in the discipline construction of China financial contributions and outstanding scholars engaged in teaching and research work of financial discipline. Bonus for each award 1 million yuan reward, is currently the highest amount of private scholarship awards. Since its establishment in 2010, has Huang Da, Wang Chuanguan, Zhou Jun, Lin Jiken, Jia Hong, Ceng Kanglin, Zhang Yichun, Wang Yongming, Zhou Shengye, Yang Peixin, Zhao Haikuan, Yu Tianyi, Wang Peizhen, Wu Nianlu and other famous economic and financial experts award. The award-winning Nankai University professor Liu Maoshan, China is a senior financial, insurance experts, finance, insurance educators, from 1992 to enjoy the State Council special allowance. Liu Maoshan has been engaged in economic, finance, insurance, education, scientific research activities for more than 50 years, published 5 books, published 50 papers, by various provincial and ministerial awards of more than 10, training more than 110 master students and 35 doctoral students. (end)相关的主题文章: