Little Suarez broke La Liga – Messi 2 shot 1 pass 5-1 win in Barcelona (video)-cagliari exchange

La Liga – Messi scored 2 wins in 1 Basa 5-1 Suarez [Basa] report less score 5-1 away win two Messi ball Su God less meritorious MSN Qi break sports news September 17th Tencent 19:00 tonight, La Liga in the fourth round, Basa (official data) 5-1 away victory over Eli Gane J, the Champions League with 12 goals and two game winning streak. Open two degrees and assists, Suarez shot the 2 pass, with each one of the goals of the Neymar and the, the free kick of the ball to recover a ball in the back of the ball in the top of the floor, and then shoot the ball in the first place, with a total of 1 goals. Eli Gane J is attached to Madrid promoted the polo team, for the first time in La Liga, for the first time in 88 years and barcelona. The past two years the League Barcelona at the capital, Madrid has streak of 5 games, the last not to take all 3 points in 2014, 0-0 getafe. Enrique to play the 343 game, Mascherano (data), Peake and Umm Titi partner, MSN continue to work together to attack. Fourteenth minutes, Neymar left into the box upside down triangle to knock, Messi tuishe was rear guard. Fifteenth minutes, Suarez right to force a breakthrough after, before Messi tongshe break, Barcelona 1-0. Messi career against 34 different opponents Liga goals, tying the Barcelona legend Salinas, after the 35 team of Raul. This is the first ball home court history lost Leganes La Liga, Messi has 34 different field goals in La Liga, the 33 seat stadium beyond Raul, ranked first in the history. Twentieth minutes, Suarez cross, Neymar left the restricted area volley, after playing the ball to hit the high. After 3 minutes, the home team in the destruction of Suarez Weibusitingsa breakthrough, Disembarrassing kicked out of the shooting angle and strength, but goalkeeper saved the ball flying seran corrientes. Thirty-first minutes, Messi qianchangduanqiu after the road extraordinary row into the restricted area, attract the goalkeeper after cross knock right, Suarez was the ball into the empty net, Barcelona 2-0. Suarez this season with fourth goals, temporarily tied Reuven Castro, tied scorer first name. Suarez in the 9 Liga into 18 balls, tied with Neymar and Pedro, Messi became the highest scoring assists with Barcelona players, the 18 ball. Thirty-third minutes, Marquis left Mascherano to force a breakthrough after single ball tuishe, teershite was saved, Marquis bushe Umm Titi in front of the siege. Forty-fourth minutes, Messi outside the instep bomb, Suarez road offside, one-on-one with the keeper of selfless cross knock, Neymar push Kongmen, Barcelona 3-0. MSN combination of two consecutive to break, this is the South American Trident third league game in the first half were scored, but also for the first time on the road to do. Suarez played fifty-fourth minutes, Neymar broke into the restricted area, left behind by the single form, bustinza pulled down, the referee awarded a penalty, Messi penalty shot hit the right upright deflection, Barcelona 4-0. Messi team 89 career penalty, the 69 break, the Spanish scored 41 penalties, from the historical record keeping Koeman’s 5 ball. Since March this year, against Messi for the first time at erval, scored two. Neymar La Liga thirteenth penalty, second only to C Lo 15 ball and 14 ball Torres. Barcelona have scored 18 penalties in the last 3 seasons, all West相关的主题文章: