Line 1 tired of Chengdu Metro Line 5 will be the expansion of transport capacity increased by

Line 1 tired of Chengdu Metro Line 5 will be the expansion of transport capacity increased by 70% in Chengdu Metro Line 5 to the sketch map of Sichuan online news (reporter Wang Meiling) November 4th, reporters learned from the Chengdu subway, the adjustment of the one or two phase of the project of Metro Line 5 in the preliminary design review by experts, 6 car series group adjusted to 8 cars, the mean line 5 trains will carry more passengers. This will be Chengdu’s first subway line marshalling by "8A". Chengdu’s first subway line marshalling by "8A" on November 2nd to 4, commissioned by the Chengdu Municipal Construction Committee, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Rail Transit Design and Research Institute organized 28 domestic experts in Xinhua Hotel of "Chengdu Metro Line 5 phase one or two project adjustment preliminary design" were reviewed. In November 4th, the discussion by the group of experts, the final assessment that, in order to meet passenger demand, the 5 line one or two engineering "preliminary design" will adjust the A car by train "feasibility study report" of the 6 grouping adjustment for A car 8 marshalling. The backbone line 5 line for Chengdu City Series north and south of the city, passing through Jinniu District, Qingyang, Xindu District, Wuhou District District, high tech Zone, Tianfu new area, Shuangliu District of the city area, passenger flow in large scale, parallel and part of line 1 line, line 1 will be ease the pressure of the force of capacity. "8A" is a large amount of car city Dayun rail transit vehicle. A type car is 3.1 meters longer than B type carriage, height of 0.2 meters. "8A" is "6B" system capacity can be increased by about 70%. "8A" vehicle marshalling per hour maximum capacity of 64 thousand and 300 people at present, the Chengdu subway line is used to operate the existing "6B" vehicle marshalling, that each train consists of 6 B compartments, the vehicle capacity of 1259 people, the largest capacity system for 37 thousand and 800 people per hour. Line No. 5 for the first time to use the "8A" vehicle classification, vehicle capacity of 2144 people, the largest capacity system will reach 64 thousand and 300 people per hour. The A car 8 cars, making 5 lines advanced with large capacity, which will greatly improve the ride comfort, to avoid the rush hour passengers "impossible", has a positive significance to ease passenger pressure from north to south. A week: Yibin Hotel pick slip female thermal field of Sichuan caught female celebrities charming girl Chengdu rent urban hard life to save money coed two slobber power dam filling amount equivalent to 6 real white Formica nest Club corruption of Metro Line 1 how tired? The status quo: early peak to 3-5 bus at 8:20 on the morning of August 1st, the first working day of the opening of Metro Line 3, Chengdu citizen Tan Meng take line 3 arrived at the stadium station for line 1, did not think too many people queuing platform, waiting for the 3 bus to get up. According to the data of the Chengdu subway company, since the opening of line 3, line 1 South, increase passenger flow, especially the provincial Stadium South of the passenger flow reached a new high, morning peak hours, the transfer passenger flow of 16 thousand and 100 passengers, "Tongzi proxince forest" interval maximum section by 36 thousand]相关的主题文章: