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The service life of the most high-risk vulnerabilities APP   expert: change the password –IT– original title: regular life service APP risk vulnerabilities expert: change the password up the newspaper news (reporter Sun Ying) regularly paid shield mobile security laboratory yesterday released the "2016 third quarter APP safety monitoring report", pay through the shield APP monitoring platform third in the whole network monitoring to 17 thousand quarter of 7264, a malicious application counterfeiting application, 534 thousand and 800 high-risk applications, application risk total net application proportion is 26.54%, the service life of up to APP risk vulnerabilities. Monitoring of APP security vulnerabilities, high-risk vulnerabilities accounted for 17.85%, low-risk vulnerabilities accounted for more than 52.54%. The top three malicious applications are still tariff consumption, privacy theft, rogue behavior. Among them, consuming class number of applications still topped, accounted for 36.55%; hooliganism ranked second, 20.48%; 18.9% for the application of privacy theft class. 15 industry statistics for the third quarter were the presence of high-risk vulnerabilities, including the number of the service life of high-risk vulnerabilities accounted for the highest, was 32.5%; the game entertainment application of 19.81%; media applications ranked third, 13.16%. 15 industries are also counterfeiting applications, game entertainment industry has become the hardest hit by counterfeiting, followed by the life of the service industry. The existence of malicious applications in the gaming industry also topped the list, followed by the life service industry, education and training industry ranked third. Monitoring of high-risk vulnerabilities, the largest number of Beijing, there are 206 thousand and 800, accounting for 25.26% of the total number of counterfeit counterfeit applications, Beijing ranked in the top third, with a total of 2131, accounting for the total number of. Monitoring of malicious applications, the largest number of Beijing, there are 7134. Experts remind users APP, improve network security awareness, do not download and run unfamiliar and unknown APP, change your password regularly, the application of Web site and do not use the same password, to prevent all account passwords are captured by information leakage, theft of funds from happening. X133 (commissioning editor: Zhu Chuange, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: