Lianyungang vocational college students killed students were late for the suspect (video)-candy boy

Lianyungang vocational college students was killed due to late for the morning of November 2nd after class, Lianyungang Technical College in Jiangsu occurred killing Zhang Zhe, the sophomore student in the school dormitory area is the same school students with a knife stabbed. Local police said the perpetrators of the students are on trial, autopsy results for the past two days will come out, the case is under further investigation. School direction surging news, said the incident is a sudden accident, on-site monitoring has been handed over to the police. Once the survey results come out, will assume responsibility according to law. The monitor "drunken late" assassination? Lianyungang Technical College last month (he) just took 5000 dollars scholarship, said to change a cell phone. Some students asked him, the phone is one thousand or two thousand, what do you have to do with the rest of the money. My son said, to parents." Zhang Zhe’s father Zhang Fei told the surging news, she could not help choking. In his view, the son is very good, but also won the honor of outstanding class cadres, is the hope of the family. Zhang Fei and his wife, daughter has been living in the hotel for several days. They are Jiangsu Huaian people, an only child Zhang Zhe in Lianyungang Technical College sophomore. Five days ago, they received a phone call from his son, said Zhang Zhe was stabbed in the school with a knife, died. Zhang Fei and his family hurried to Lianyungang, his son’s body was still in the funeral home. Zhang Fei said, things happen for five or six days, the school and the police have not released the son’s death the truth, he did not want his son to death was not clear". Zhang Zhe’s sister told the surging news, according to the description of the teacher in charge of the class, Zhang Zhe is the squad leader, the day of the incident is to go downstairs to pick up the dormitory drunk students, but did not expect to encounter unexpected. The school has a student told Zhang Zhe’s sister, the school has provided students late to class over a certain time, person in charge transfer, otherwise not allowed. Zhang people thus questioned why the university students can knife on campus? School safety management measures are not in place? Why is the monitor to pick up drunk late classmates obligations? Zhang Zhe’s sister also said that the school of the cause of death has been avoided, but also did not monitor us". The assailant is another Zhang Zhe students of our school teacher said surging news, online comments are false, but because of the public security organs under investigation, the school is not convenient to say too much". But according to her understanding, a few drunken students are Zhang Zhe next door class, these "drunken students" are linked to the class of their own class cadres, Zhang Zhe is accompanied by the downstairs. The assailant is another student in the school, he did not know Zhang Zhe, also did not know this and several classmates drunk. Just saw Zhang Zhe with his "enemy" wearing the same clothes, will "kill the wrong mistake". This has nothing to do with the squad leader, is a coincidence, is an accident." Zhang Zhe’s teacher said, into the matter of a number of drunken students and schools so many attacks. She stressed that she learned that these cases are also heard from the students, the specific reasons for the police to be announced. The Propaganda Department of the school when the spring is on the surging news that the school does not provide the answer when students monitor ", such as the police investigation found that the school will take the responsibility. He said, to a certain extent, this is an unexpected incident – school death相关的主题文章: