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Li Sheng on Gold: gold only sideways wind rate decision to break the interval – Sohu financing always want to write a compelling words, can always write moved their word. Try to make an unexpected unilateral, but often encounter the continuation of the inability to shock. Sitting in front of the computer, the number of the waves, staring at the silent night, K, the morning sun seems to repeat the feeling, but never feel monotonous and boring, fluctuations in the market is always not already clear back yesterday, has been looking forward to the right and vision of unknown tomorrow. Brewing, just before the outbreak of the night this week, the gold market performance is very calm, the light of the market seems to slow the tempo of all, behind this sideways expect and brewing, but also to stimulate the unilateral before dawn. The price of gold to 1318 points of pressure, with the support of the position of 1312, the price is almost impossible to escape the curse of $10, no matter how much, it is empty, waste of time and waste became the largest transaction costs. The two day, with the disc plate rose deep tone style beauty disk shock continued, the firm using pithy formula textbook fluctuations proved once again, strong continuity, deduce the trend of shock wave. Tuesday disk still go around spying on the high point of 1318, if the plate can hold 1315 in order to maintain the breakthrough, can be beautiful plate before the adjustment yesterday revealed everything, the author asserts that this is only to a market on Monday, and the same operation does not change wait too much. The United States interest rate decision will straddle the countdown, fired tear force due to the Fed’s interest rate decision is approaching, market straddle the support has been see, some people think that forced the interest rate will fall, some people argue the wolf story does not end. The interest rate hike paotang, gold rose, tough, 1003 fall. Even if you fed a dishonest performance have been heartbroken, still can not shake the American influence on the money market summon wind and call for rain. Expected in 2016 will have to raise interest rates four times, then to two in the first half of the year, now is the last quarter of September, December, a wave of interest rate is the key time sensitive period, even if the short-term interest rate hike, as long as the tough attitude that year killed again, this also influence transient will bring to the market. Kuroda Higashihiko, or save the weakness in gold on Wednesday, Japan’s central bank interest rate decision will be announced, if as currently expected, Japan introduced negative interest rates, quantitative easing policy may give up, it will break the current gold this anemic trend, short-term 1300 area will form a strong support, gold to bring some help and rebound. This possibility is still relatively large, will cause the dollar to weaken phased down, to drive or push gold to break through 1320 formed inflection signs. The market doesn’t buy the news before the worthless, a message to the operation of the transaction by means of speech, I always have a point of view, regardless of any news, when the fluctuations in the market price, that is when the market is not amenable to any news, obviously not worth a hair the vast majority of people into the market. With the help of known or unknown sources to make a profit, the price is not science.相关的主题文章: