Li Keqiang China has become Canada’s second largest trading partner zznba

Li Keqiang: China has become Canada’s second largest trading partner of the State Council Premier Li Keqiang met in Beijing on the afternoon of 30, an official visit to China, Canada’s prime minister, Trudeau. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with Chinese Prime Minister Trudeau in Beijing on afternoon. Li Keqiang said that the Sino Canadian relations have a long history, the two countries friendly. Over the past 46 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the political, economic, trade and cultural relations between China and Canada have deepened, and the fruits of cooperation in various fields have been cut and the two peoples. China has become Canada’s second largest trading partner, the largest source of imports and the second largest export market, the relationship between the two countries and the broad prospects for cooperation and development of the future of the world’s top second. Li Keqiang pointed out that in all advocate multiculturalism advocates, seek common ground, mutual learning, and build an inclusive. We are willing to work with the new government of Canada a good grasp of the new opportunities, create a new era of development of the relationship, the better to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, let the friendship between the two countries from generation to generation. Trudeau said that the new government will uphold the traditional friendship with China and is willing to make joint efforts to deepen bilateral relations and pragmatic cooperation in all fields, deep friendship has been rooted in the industry consolidation, creating new prospects for bilateral relations, strong positive and stable development, to promote peace and prosperity of the two countries and the world. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: