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Li Keqiang presided over the meeting: to encourage university technology transfer to the original title: to encourage enterprises in technology transfer to the enterprise Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) yesterday, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, listened to the 2015 national NPC and CPPCC recommendations proposals for the work report, decided to support the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation policies and measures to promote depth of integration of technology and economy. Meeting the new requirements of the NPC and CPPCC proposals, the meeting pointed out that since the NPC and CPPCC sessions last year, the State Council department led 8001 proposals and 4809 proposals, accounting for 97.1% and 96.5% of the total, respectively, in the total number and proportion of the previous year has significantly improved. Last year, the departments of the State Council handled 7437 proposals and 4672 proposals, accounting for 86.7% and 92.5% of the total, respectively. In 2016, the NPC and CPPCC were approaching, and the meeting also made new demands on the proposals proposed at the NPC and CPPCC sessions this year. Compared with last year, the requirements are more specific and richer. The meeting stressed that the principal responsible comrades to handle regularly listen to the report, in charge of responsible comrades must personally presided over the proposal for an important, to ensure the quality of handling, never give an irrelevant answer. At the same time, the departments requiring more proposals and proposals should convene at least one meeting attended by representatives of the committee each year to listen to the opinions. In addition, in the aspect of innovation, the meeting calls for online management. Encourage university technology transfer in order to speed up the transformation of scientific and technical achievements, research and development institutions, to encourage countries to set up the institutions of higher learning through the transfer, licensing or investment etc., transfer of scientific and technological achievements to the enterprises or other organizations, the executive meeting yesterday to the scientific and technical Personnel issued a policy of "package", including the transformation of scientific and technological achievements reward and performance the evaluation and so on. It is worth noting that the meeting said part-time, for before the controversial, scientific and technical personnel in accordance with the provisions of the work completed in the case of part-time enterprise engaged in scientific and technological achievements, reserve personnel relationship does poineering work from or in 3 years, to carry out the transformation. In the interpretation of the two executive meeting why only two days apart? In general, the executive meeting of the State Council is held every Wednesday. In February 14th, Li Keqiang hosted the first executive meeting of the State Council after the Spring Festival. It was Sunday, and it was the first day after the Spring Festival holiday. This is a convention of the State Council, and the executive meeting of the State Council was held after the Spring Festival holiday, which was the case in the last two years. However, only two days later, in February 17th, the State Council executive meeting was held again. Beijing News reporter combing found that this situation is not the first time. The executive meeting of the State Council held in January 22nd and January 27th is less than a week. Why is the two meeting so short? Reporters found that the general short interval of the two meeting, the meeting before the interval will be longer. For example, the executive meeting of the State Council before February 14th was in February 3rd, 10 days apart, just the Spring Festival holiday. In addition to holidays, some major events also affect meeting time. Sixteen

李克强主持会议:鼓励高校等向企业转移科技成果   原标题:鼓励高校等向企业转移科技成果   新京报讯 (记者沙璐)昨日,国务院总理李克强主持召开国务院常务会议,听取了2015年全国两会建议提案办理工作汇报,确定支持科技成果转移转化的政策措施,促进科技与经济深度融合。   对两会建议提案作出新要求   会议指出,去年全国两会以来,国务院部门牵头办理了8001件建议和4809件提案,分别占总数的97.1%和96.5%,在总数和比例上都比上一年有明显提升。上一年,国务院各部门办理了7437件建议和4672件提案,分别占总数的86.7%和92.5%。   2016年全国两会将至,会议又对今年两会上建议提案作出新要求。与去年相比,要求更加具体,内容也更加丰富。   会议强调,主要负责同志要定期听取办理情况汇报,分管负责同志要亲自主持办理重要建议提案,确保办理质量,决不能答非所问。同时,要求承办建议提案较多的部门每年至少要召开一次由代表委员参加的座谈会听取意见。此外,在创新方面,会议要求推进网上办理。   鼓励高校转移科技成果   为了加快科技成果转移转化,鼓励国家设立的研究开发机构、高等院校通过转让、许可或作价投资等方式,向企业或其他组织转移科技成果,昨日的常务会议给科技人员发放了政策“大礼包”,包括科技成果转化奖励、绩效考评等多项内容。   值得注意的是,对于之前存在争议的兼职问题,会议表示,科技人员可以按照规定在完成本职工作的情况下到企业兼职从事科技成果转化活动,或在3年内保留人事关系离岗创业,开展成果转化。   ■ 解读   两次常务会议为何仅间隔两天?   一般情况下,国务院常务会议在每周三召开。   2月14日,李克强主持召开了春节后首次国务院常务会议,这一天是周日,也是春节假期结束后的第一天。这是国务院的一个惯例,春节假期结束后就召开国务院常务会议,前两年均是如此。然而,仅隔两天之后,2月17日,国务院常务会议再次召开。   新京报记者梳理发现,这种情况并不是第一次出现。如今年1月22日与1月27日分别召开的国务院常务会议,间隔也不到一周。   为何两次会议间隔这么短?记者发现,一般间隔较短的两次会议,之前的会议间隔都会比较长。比如,在2月14日之前的国务院常务会议是在2月3日,中间隔了10天,正是春节假期。   除了假期,一些重大事情也会影响会议时间。   1月22日之前的常务会议是在1月13日,这中间,李克强也没有闲着。1月20日,李克强主持召开国务院专题会,研究抓好2016年有关重点工作,要求加快培育新动能,加快培育新动能。   新京报记者 沙璐 责任编辑:孙爱林 SN146相关的主题文章: