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Li Bingbing confirmed to join the "shark" to replace Fan Bingbing in Hainan – Channel – "shark" first exposure Jason Statham and Li Bingbing? Work as Li Bingbing confirmed to join the Hollywood movie "shark", alongside Jason Statham?, the film is currently filming in New Zealand, and plans in the years Chinese framing. Warner Bros has announced that it will land in North American Theaters in March 2, 2018, and the Chinese region will be released on the Spring Festival in 2018. It is understood that the "shark" adapted from the American writer Steve Elton? Science fiction series of the same name, by the "national treasure" series director Joe dtel Douba directed?. The story is about a Chinese led international scientific project being carried out in the depths of Mariana Trench, encountering an unknown biological attack, and researchers trapped in the seabed. Deep sea diving expert Jonas? Taylor was once again hit the prehistoric MEGALODON years played the. Jonas teamed up with Chinese woman scientist Zhang Suyin to rescue the trapped people, but accidentally caused the shark to escape from the deep sea. When prehistoric beasts return to the shallow sea, humans will pay for their greed for nature. Jonas? Taylor Jason? Zhang Suyin Statham plays, China female scientists played by Li Bingbing. The film director of photography Stern, as is Tom? Clint? Eastwood queen photographer, Stern has worked as the "Mystic River", "million dollar baby", "flags of our fathers", "American sniper", "Captain Sally" and other films served as director of photography, and by virtue of "Changeling" was nominated for the Oscar prize for best photography. In "the Lord of the rings" trilogy won the Oscar Grant? Major will serve as an art director for "shark". Was the "face", "mission impossible 2", "salt" served as the editor of Steven? Campe will be responsible for the editing work. Li Bingbing, it is worth mentioning that Fan Bingbing had once said that "and" I am not Pan Jinlian "" grand track "promotion schedule conflict" announced its withdrawal from the "shark", Li Bingbing later joined the film the news spread like wildfire. In this regard, Li Bingbing clarification, said last year received the invitation of "shark shark", because the schedule she declined, and then the producer again invited, the two sides had a contact and communication. The film side, Li Bingbing’s fluent English skills, and lines acting, starring in a Hollywood movie experience made her the heroine Zhang Suyin’s choice, the crew with great sincerity invited Li Bingbing to join, gravity pictures and Warner Brothers to the honored. It is reported that "shark shark" by the Chinese Cultural Fund under the gravitational film and television, flagship film and the United States Warner Bros. pictures jointly produced. The United States Di Bonaventura? CO produced film company, American entertainment company, apelles Maeday movie company and Beijing digital impression Culture Communication Co. ltd.. Gravitational film and television will be responsible for the issue of giant shark in China, the release of the film outside China is borne by Warner brothers. (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan)

李冰冰确认加盟《巨齿鲨》替换范冰冰出演–人民网海南频道–人民网   《巨齿鲨》首曝杰森?斯坦森和李冰冰片场工作照   李冰冰确认加盟好莱坞电影《巨齿鲨》,搭档杰森?斯坦森,影片目前正在新西兰进行前期拍摄,并计划于年内到中国取景。华纳兄弟已宣布影片将于2018年3月2日登陆北美院线,中国地区则将于2018年春节上映。   据了解,《巨齿鲨》改编自美国作家史蒂夫?艾尔顿同名系列科幻小说,由《国家宝藏》系列导演乔?德特杜巴执导。故事讲述了一项由中国主导的国际科研项目正在马里亚纳海沟深处进行时,遭遇未知生物攻击,科研人员被困海底。深海潜水专家乔纳斯?泰勒临危受命,再度遭遇数年交过手的史前生物巨齿鲨。乔纳斯联手中国女科学家张苏茵营救了被困人员,却意外造成了巨齿鲨逃离深海。当史前巨兽重返浅海,人类将为自己对大自然的贪婪付出代价。乔纳斯?泰勒由杰森?斯坦森饰演,中国女科学家张苏茵则由李冰冰出演。   电影的摄影指导是汤姆?斯特恩,作为克林特?伊斯特伍德的御用摄影师,斯特恩曾先后为《神秘河》、《百万宝贝》、《父辈的旗帜》、《美国狙击手》、《萨利机长》等片担任摄影指导,并凭借《换子疑云》提名奥斯卡最佳摄影奖。以《魔戒》三部曲荣获奥斯卡的格兰特?梅杰将为《巨齿鲨》担任艺术指导。曾为《变脸》、《碟中谍2》、《特工绍特》担任剪辑师的史蒂文?坎珀将负责影片的剪辑工作。   李冰冰   值得一提的是,此前范冰冰曾以“与《我不是潘金莲》《爵迹》宣传档期冲突”宣布退出《巨齿鲨》,后来李冰冰加盟该片的消息就不胫而走。对此李冰冰方面澄清称去年就接到了《巨齿鲨》的邀请,因为档期她当时婉拒了,后来制片人再次邀约,双方才又进行了接触和沟通。片方表示,李冰冰流利的英语台词功底、演技、以及主演好莱坞电影的丰富经验使她成为女主角张苏茵的不二人选,剧组以巨大诚意邀请李冰冰加盟,引力影视和华纳兄弟对其加入倍感荣幸。   据悉,《巨齿鲨》由华人文化基金旗下引力影视、旗舰影业与美国华纳兄弟影业共同出品。美国迪?博纳文图拉电影公司、美国亚比利娱乐公司、美国Maeday电影公司及北京数字印象文化传播有限公司共同制作。引力影视将负责《巨齿鲨》在中国的发行事务,影片在中国以外地区的发行则由华纳兄弟承担。 (责编:邢丹丹、陈海燕)相关的主题文章: