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Last year, the transportation price report topped the parking charges price serious transportation industry report 2015 in the first trades on 8 February, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Anbei, Zhao Chao) national development and Reform Commission said recently, according to the analysis of the 2015 national consumer price reporting, the price of the transportation, retail, real estate and property management and medicine industry complaints are more prominent. Last year, more than 30% of the total number of reported traffic prices in the transportation sector, ranking first among all types of traffic. According to statistics, in 2015, the national 12358 price supervision platform received a total of 662475 price report, complaints, letters and visits, consulting. Among them, the number of complaints reported prices of the top five industries are: transportation, retail, real estate and property management, medicine, resource price. The price of the main transportation problem of the masses are: parking problems are more serious charges; violations occurred frequently the price of highway passenger transport violations; the taxi industry prices more prominent. The price of the retail industry in the main existing problems are: not according to the provisions of the price tag; original fiction; some do not perform or completely fulfill the sales of goods and services reached before the price commitment; use "only today" and "tomorrow." misleading price labeling to induce customers to buy. The main price of real estate and property management industry: real estate company real estate license violation charge agency fees and deposit additional costs; property companies unaudited filing or not for the owners unilaterally raise property charges; property companies under illegal charges; property company entrusted to collect fees related to the unauthorized collection of fees and other additional costs. The national development and Reform Commission said the country should make full use of the 12358 price supervision platform, keen to capture the price hot issue of people’s livelihood and prominent contradictions, attach importance to the analysis of price reporting work, quickly take targeted regulatory measures, improve the efficiency of price regulation, price increase public awareness of rights, urging the operators to price credit, maintain the market order. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

去年交通运输业价格举报居首 停车乱收费严重   2015年交通运输业价格举报居各行业首位   新华社北京2月8日电(记者安蓓、赵超)国家发展改革委近日称,根据对2015年全国价格举报情况进行分析,消费者对交通运输、商品零售、房地产及物业管理和医药等行业价格问题举报投诉较为突出。去年交通运输业价格举报数量超过总举报量的30%,居各类之首。   根据统计,2015年,全国12358价格监管平台共受理价格举报、投诉、信访、咨询共计662475件。其中,价格举报投诉数量排名前五位的行业分别是:交通运输、商品零售、房地产及物业管理、医药、资源价格。   交通运输行业群众反映的主要价格问题有:停车乱收费问题较为严重;公路客运价格违法行为屡有发生;出租车行业价格违法行为比较突出。   商品零售行业中存在的主要价格问题有:不按规定明码标价;虚构原价;部分履行或者不完全履行销售商品和提供服务前达成的价格承诺;使用“仅限今日”“明天涨价”等误导性价格标示诱导顾客购买。   房地产及物业管理行业主要价格问题有:房产公司违规收取房产证代办费、押金等额外费用;物业公司未经审核备案或未征求业主意见单方面提高物业费;物业公司巧立名目违规收费;物业公司接受委托代收相关费用时擅自收取手续费等额外费用。   国家发改委称,各地要充分利用12358价格监管平台,敏锐捕捉民生价费热点问题和突出矛盾,重视并做好价格举报分析工作,迅速采取针对性的监管措施,提高价格监管的效率,提高群众价格维权意识,督促经营者严守价格诚信,维护好市场秩序。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: