Last week, 561 couples in Zhengzhou for divorce after the purchase of divorce cooling-punyu

Last week, Zhengzhou 561 couples got divorced after the purchase of divorce cooling Dahe · client; Dahe reporter correspondent Cai Junyan Li Yongpei by rain Xiaoxiao chill, last week, a total of Zhengzhou District 668 couples to the marriage registration department for registration of marriage, and at the same time, Zhengzhou city since early October the introduction of restriction limits the number of divorce loan policy after has been high, has also cooled, a total of 561 "friends" divorce registration formalities, in addition, there are 207 pairs of couples for marriage certificate, divorce certificate for 28 people. A pair of young couples married for more than a year, because the separation of the two places, communication problems and other reasons, the face of marital crisis, last week, a divorce. In the Golden River District Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration rainbow social workers to help mediate, both men and women have grievances. The man said, because of work reasons, he cannot return to the side in the short term, usually too busy back number is limited, however, his heart has been worried about each other, the man said, now the separation is for the future to create better living conditions, to understand the woman. The woman complained that understanding the man working hard, she is suspected of other care little for their own, even if people don’t come back, playing phone okay?" In the rainbow, Wang Yue Li Yongpei of social work, has repeatedly encountered two separated couples divorce, and do not feel the other half of their love, become a common problem, the marriage crisis in which some couples to divorce and not to close the point, but only in anger in fact, the other half of the heart to attract attention. The marriage of many social worker said the two separated couples, the need to adjust and improve the way of communication between husband and wife, know more for the other half, temporarily unable to live together, there will be some regret, however, can care by phone, gifts and other interactive expression, to make each other feel two hearts together. A clutch of data area (on) (of marriage) covered the divorce (to) fill from the 9885355 District 27 Goldwater (person) Central District 96104343 District 1962105811 6262273 7031211 Tube City District 613283 Zheng Dong Huiji District 321650 district by opening 221160 street 16430 District 156102 air port (thanks to the Civil Affairs Bureau and the district marriage registration center in Zhengzhou to provide data support) source: client   river;相关的主题文章: