Lanzhou city road one day three collapse frequent collapse tore a city of conscience – Beijing ca1290

Lanzhou city road one day "three collapse" frequent collapse tore a city of conscience – Beijing, suddenly a loud noise, and even pedestrians fall into the pit, the car was swallowed up. Lanzhou in August 23rd, staged a day three collapse "– 23, 15, Lanzhou City, Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street, suddenly a large area collapse, 4 pedestrians passing through here drop instantly, including a woman who was 7 months pregnant; 18:40, Lanzhou Nanshan Road East and west to the horse beach section of the road collapse occurred, a car traveling in the car instantly" red "into the pit; 21:50, Lanzhou city Dashaping garden gate Gannan road collapse occurred, a mud tank into the pit, the collapse of cloth has a natural gas pipeline, traffic police, fire and gas companies on-site emergency treatment, but fortunately no more big accident. Road collapse is not isolated in Lanzhou. Only in the near future, the local media reported serious collapse accident on more than 10. Among them, in July 27th, Lanzhou city also occurred 3 Road collapse, but fortunately no casualties. "Zhangye road collapsed after Nanshan Road collapse, Nanshan Road collapse after five shop collapse, five shop collapse after the collapse of Xijin road……" Recently, Lanzhou people in the WeChat circle, micro-blog circle, the collapse of the road "Tucao Solitaire" sigh. Take the road, why let a person feel the signs of danger appearing everywhere, startling step by step? Workers daily reporter conducted an investigation. Built in the loess ground "fragile city" according to the Lanzhou Municipal Engineering Administration Department, in recent years, Lanzhou city deep in the collapse pit, not only cars, there are buses and various engineering vehicles, mostly because of aging and collapse of serious corrosion of drainage pipe, at the same time as the city construction and the needs of the construction, road collapse often have all kinds of heavy vehicles, road pipeline leakage caused by overload by crushing, long-term immersion induced collapse. Sun Yuchun, senior engineer of Gansu provincial geological disaster emergency center analysis said that in recent years, with the gradual expansion under the municipal engineering construction, the size of the ground, not only communication, such as oil and gas pipelines, sewage drainage pipe, heat pipe, tap water pipe is arranged in a crisscross pattern. Underground in the end how many pipelines, how the distribution, what the situation, has long been confused accounts. At the same time, the underground pipeline belonging to different units, between the municipal, water, communications, construction and other departments lack of cohesion in the process of construction, pipeline fight, management confusion." If the aging facilities, pipeline chaos, random excavation and backfilling of non-compliance and other problems are common, China major city municipal management, special geological structure and make Lanzhou become the "most vulnerable" city. According to the information provided by the local land ring of Lanzhou, Lanzhou is built on the collapsible loess layer. The distribution area of loess in Lanzhou area is about 12 thousand square kilometers, accounting for more than 90 of the total area. Most of them belong to self weight collapsible loess, the general level is II, and even reached the level of III. Among them, the so-called self weight collapsible loess, refers to the absence of external forces under the action of the water, the rapid deterioration of the soil will also occur rapidly. This "congenitally deficient" caused by the Lanzhou.相关的主题文章: