Ladies Golf Finding The Best Of Ladies Golf-ssport

Golf There were times when it was considered that golf was a sport intended for only men to play and ladies golf was simply not available. Women were not considered eligible to play this sport or women themselves never took any interest in to the wonderful game for golf. Luckily times are now different and women are able to play the game and have taken a special interest in the game of golf. For example, when you look around in today’s sporting goods arena, you can see that there are many dealers who concentrate specifically on ladies equipment, ladies clothes and ladies accessories. The case is same when you look at ladies golf sector. Golf clubs also take special interest to add facilities for women as they do it for men. You will find it most necessary to find out a best ladies golf club around you in your locality that fits you and serves you all that you need to enjoy your play. The golf course or country club should have a wide selection of ladies clothes, ladies golf equipment, as well as qualified golf instructors to teach the game of golf. The club should have plenty of ladies programs including clinics, tournaments and an active Women’s Golf Association. You may also look for amenities such as a swimming pool, bars, tennis courts, pubs, restaurants, gyms and so on. If you have not done so already, you will want to have a set of ladies golf clubs that fit you properly. If you have not do not have a fitted set of clubs, you need to seek help from a professional club fitter. You will want to make sure the golf course or country club that you are looking to join already has a certified club fitter on staff. This way he/she will be there after the fitting to answer any questions that you have or to make any changes needed to get exactly the right fit. Having a custom set is not as expensive as most people think and it will only help you play better, lower your scores and enjoy the game of golf. In case of other games, such as tennis or badminton, men and women use same size of rackets. But in the case of ladies golf, you use a golf club which is half an inch shorter than what men use to play golf. This is just because men are taller than women by their natural physical phenomenon. This is same with all accessories like apparel, bags, stand bags, shoes and so on. Golf clubs used in ladies golf are normally made of different metals to make the club light in weight. This will obviously make sure that you handle it more easily, create more speed and get better results while you play. Ladies golf bags are also available from different golf companies. A ladies golf cart bag is usually the choice made by the ladies who play the game while always riding in a golf cart. Cart bags are the heavier bags and can come with other matching accessories such as head covers and small purses. Ladies stand bags are used by the ladies that play the game walking and also use the game for exercise. Many stand bags are unisex as they all weight approximately three and a half to five pounds. The only thing that make distinctively make it a ladies golf bag are the colors that are used and are deemed to be feminine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: