Kindle Ebook Reader Experience – What Using A Kindle Really Feels

Computers-and-Technology I really don’t know when Amazon came up with the Kindle, but apparently they did it when I wasn’t looking because I didn’t find out about it until last week when a person I’m following on Twitter said he wanted one. I had no clue what a Kindle was, but he was so enthusiastic about it that I of course had to do a quick Google search to find out what it was. As an avid book reader, I was completely thrilled when I found out that it was a device used to read books. Well, after a quick browse through the ad on Amazon, I decided I was sold and bought one to call my own. Now I’m here to share my Kindle eBook Reader experience with you… If you’ve been living under a rock like I was and have no idea what a Kindle eBook Reader is, i’s basically like an iPod for books. You can hold literally hundreds of books in this light-weight little thing, and I found out today that it comes with an SD slot for even more storage! Maybe I’m getting a little too excited, but I really do love this product because it saves me so much space and hassle that is associated with carrying around multiple books. I can walk around with a whole library if I wanted to (which, admittedly, I do), and everything stays all neat and organized. My Kindle eBook Reader experience has been amazing so far. Probably the most unique thing I’ve found through my Kindle eBook Reader experience is that the screen doesn’t look like a normal computer screen. It’s got some type of high-tech screen system that helps it avoid glares that other screens get out in the sun. The whole thing looks like a page of a book – no lie! I read for 3 hours on my balcony yesterday and not once did I get a headache. From what I’ve seen in my Kindle eBook Reader experience so far, Amazon has come up with a way to take reading to a whole new level. Seriously, I can read whatever I want whenever I want, and I can store all of my books in something the size of a journal. I don’t know if I can live without my Kindle now, and if I could, I just know how much it would stink to have to go back to reading the normal way. Guess you could say I’m spoiled now. Oh well! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: