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Khrushchev Pi Stalin: what he made the mistake of insulting Chinese core tip: Stalin made a serious mistake, "is an insult to the Chinese even can say, is" to Mao suggested that both sides establish a common international institutions to develop the natural resources of Xinjiang. The Chinese accepted the proposal without demur, but they were not happy about it. After listening to Khrushchev, Stalin did not agree, bluntly blame loudly should not interfere in this matter of Khrushchev. This paper from the Khrushchev data figure:, author: Yang Kuisong, the original title: Khrushchev Stalin: he made the mistake of insulting Chinese,. During that time the Sino Soviet tensions in Chinese published many books, published articles are to Khrushchev as a "revisionist", Daye heart home. Benighted, rude, rudeness. However, in 1954 when Khrushchev first visit to China, but China regard Khrushchev as a guest. Whether it is official or civil, Khrushchev is a piece of praise. Even Khrushchev himself admitted, "in the first few years after the death of Stalin, Mao Zedong was friendly and respectful to us." The fact is that Mao Zedong had a good impression of Khrushchev at first. He praised Khrushchev as a "dead man"". 1954 national day five anniversary, Khrushchev visit to China, the contact that person is more flexible. The results of the negotiations, Khrushchev gave us some things, such as the port of Lushun and Xinjiang several Sino Soviet joint venture company to us and help us to build Lanzhou, Urumqi to Almaty railway, give us a loan of five hundred million rubles, help us to build 15 projects, with 141 projects past Stalin promised, a total of 156 projects. This is the backbone project of our country in the first five year plan. Until 1958, the Soviet ambassador Eugene Mao Zedong in the same conversation China said, "under pressure from Stalin, only got four of the joint venture. "Comrade Khrushchev proposed to cancel the four companies, so," we thank him". September 29, 1954, Khrushchev’s visit to the Soviet Union delegation. This is Khrushchev’s first trip to china. Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoji, Zhou Enlai and other Chinese leaders meet at the airport. Khrushchev’s visit brought a large exhibition team. In October 2nd, the Soviet Union’s economic and cultural construction exhibition opened in Beijing Xizhimen Soviet Union exhibition. Both Moscow and Beijing attach great importance to this exhibition. Zhou Enlai cut the ribbon to open the exhibition. Khrushchev, Bulganin, and other Soviet Mikoyan leaders attended the opening ceremony. China attended the opening ceremony of the Liu Shaoji, Zhou Enlai, Lin Boqu, Li Jishen, Huang Yanpei, Peng Zhen, Chen Shutong, Chen Yun, Peng Dehuai, Fuding, match Deng Xiaoping, Teng Tzuhui, He Long, Chen Yi, Ulav, Li Fuchun, Li Xiannian etc.. The exhibition has more than 11 thousand and 500 pieces of merchandise, including a variety of machinery manufacturing industry, metallurgical industry, fuel industry and electrical industry the most advanced and largest products; all kinds of chemical industry, textile industry and other commodities industry, manual)相关的主题文章: