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Just need to purchase group where Beijing Beijing recently the legend of the Beijing commercial chance to purchase news may not be real, but it also shows that in addition to self occupied housing, commercial housing buyers only hope to stay in Beijing, the traditional China pay more attention to the room in which where home, no room just like a smart city rooted in the ideal, because even if you think you can, your wife feel no problem, but you can escape the mother-in-law off it, it is estimated suspended. Over the past few years may be the time to buy gold, a friend in Huilongguan in 2012 the average price of 20 thousand yuan to reach a flat 80 70 years of residence, today is a happy family, 1 million 600 thousand yuan Shoufu to 500 thousand, provident fund loans with the rest of the money, the couple for thousands of dollars per month, up nearly twenty thousand of the wages it is easy to afford. However, this year the situation is changing, the whole house within the city of Victoria, the price in the sale of 10+ meet the eye everywhere, the number of luxury is more than in 2013 increased by 13 times, and is more than 200 square meters apartment layout. As for five, once just circle has now been improved with the scarcity of high-end developers selling banner in high price, Xiao Bian recently hit a Shijingshan heard 50 years of commercial properties have been sold to the price of South apartment layout 67000 yuan, and the market just three months ago the average price of 40 thousand +. Tongzhou lake, a real estate enterprises in the name of the same name after the end of the high-end improvement of the house, is expected to reach 7 million yuan after the opening of the set. The original average price per 30 thousand +. In the face of sudden change of the market, the North drift down hard to earn money and despair, money will never catch up with the rising prices of Beijing, the recent Yanjiao North County, the soaring housing prices, are Beijing property buyers demand spillover to regional environment formation, some investment also took the opportunity to purchase this new site, resulting in Yanjiao second-hand housing has become popular. In fact, Beijing just want to use their own money over the life they want to live in Beijing, but the threshold of a space for one person is really a little high, now you want to buy a house in less than 2 million of the price, it can only consider the central Beijing area, Miyun, Huairou, Pinggu, but these areas are neglected or potential stock. In these areas, the purchase will be a good opportunity. Tencent real estate news Tianrun · No. 1 (Bay villa real estate information) is located in the southwest side of Pinggu yuegezhuang bridge during the West bank. Tianrun · villa Bay 1 No. 19 and No. 20 in the sale. Fold the average price of 23500 yuan. Property fee: 2.7 months; senior Yuanping · 3.5 · stacked villas Yuanping; month, property for 70 years, on June 30, 2017, blank endorsed. 19 Building for the 26 floor, the 2 units, the ladder of 4 households; Huxing area of 85 square flat in the 2, the 118 flat in the 3 home. 20 building for the 26 floor, the unit of the 2, the ladder of 2 households; Huxing area of 141 square meters, 143 square, 3 place. Tencent Beijing Pinggu real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721024 Tianrun · Xiang Shu Wan 1 see details the average price of 23500 yuan square meters of luxury community ecological livable real estate Gallery | the latest 400-.相关的主题文章: