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Jingxian County women openly living together with others jailed for married years estranged according to a town in Jingxian County in the morning TV news, residents Zhao legal consciousness, during the existence of marriage, because of emotional discord with your spouse, even public money in a move to fellow villagers and the relation between husband and wife living together for many years, finally unbearable husband Sohn choose to report to the public security organ. Recently, Zhao Jingxian County people’s court sentenced to imprisonment for nine months. Years of marriage discord in 2004, who lives in Jingxian County, a town of Zhao and sun in the family’s introduction will come together, marriage is also very good start of the relationship between the two, and gave birth to a son. But after 2008, Sohn left home and played for Jiangsu and Zhejiang to work, the feelings of two couples gradually began to appear contradictory, in addition to two people quarrel, even moving his hand. In 2010 a rally in the township, Zhao met with a town some money. Contact after a period of time, Zhao money a considerate and generous, two people began secretly. A few months later, the two exchanges things to Sohn’s ears, Sohn persuaded several times, Zhao agreed to stop a communication and money. Then Sohn Returned Migrant workers. I thought that was the end of the story, did not expect the 2012 sun once again returned to the house, found that two people in love, not only to his wife Zhao and money of a communication, but simply moved into a money, in the name of the couple’s life together up. Asked the wife home was playing the anti 2012 Sohn home not only found his wife in a home near neighbor words also let Sohn feel the pressure. But the gas Sohn came to a house, let his wife Zhao hurried home. In a certain money and money to the sun in a dispute, Sohn was finally beaten some money. In recent years, although the children of Zhao indifferent, and moved into a house to live, but not divorce proceedings to the court directly and some money in the name of the couple’s life together. During this period, the local village committee is a money to do the work of Zhao, Zhao home for life, but Zhao agreed to back, bent and money a life together. The sun finally unbearable to the public security organs, the public prosecutor, when the undertaker asked Zhao Moushi in the period of the prosecution review, Zhao said some money and still intend to spend the rest of my life with. According to law, was sentenced to 9 months in May this year, Jingxian County people’s Procuratorate of the case to the Jingxian County people’s court, the Jingxian County court that the defendant Zhao did not apply for a divorce case, the public and fellow villagers cohabitation as husband and wife and up to four years, resulting in adverse social impact, seriously to destroy the country and monogamy, should be punished according to the law, do not have the conditions for probation. Therefore, sentenced to nine months in prison for zhao. After receiving the verdict, Zhao refused to accept the verdict to a court of appeal. The city intermediate people’s court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict is final "of the case, the court of final appeal as to probation, it cannot be ruled out.

泾县村妇公然与他人同居获刑 已婚多年感情不和   据皖南晨刊消息,泾县某乡镇居民赵某法律意识淡漠,在婚姻关系存续期间内,因与配偶感情不和,竟然公开搬到同村村民钱某家中并与其以夫妻关系共同生活多年,最终忍无可忍的丈夫孙某选择向公安机关报案。近日,赵某被泾县人民法院依法判处有期徒刑九个月。   结婚多年感情不和   2004年,家住泾县某乡镇的赵某和孙某在家人的介绍下就走到了一起,婚后开始两人的关系还挺好,并生育了一个儿子。但是到2008年之后,孙某离开家辗转于江苏和浙江打工,渐渐地夫妻两人的感情开始出现矛盾,除了争吵以外,两人甚至动了手。   2010年在乡镇的一次集会上,赵某认识了同一个乡镇的钱某。接触了一段时间之后,赵某觉得钱某体贴大方,两人便开始暗中交往。几个月之后,两人交往的事情就传到了孙某的耳朵里,孙某劝说了几次,赵某同意不再和钱某交往。随后孙某又返回外地打工。   本来以为事情到此就结束了,没想到2012年孙某再次回到家的时候,发现两人旧情复燃,妻子赵某不但继续和钱某交往,而且干脆搬进了钱某家中,以夫妻的名义共同生活了起来。   叫妻子回家反被打   2012年孙某回家不但发现妻子住进了钱某的家里,附近邻居的言语也让孙某倍感压力。气不过的孙某来到了钱某的家里,让妻子赵某赶紧回家。在钱某家里孙某和钱某发生了争执,最后孙某被钱某打了一顿。   在几年的时间里,赵某虽然对儿女不闻不问,而且搬进了钱某的家里居住生活,但是并没有向法院提出离婚诉讼,就直接和钱某以夫妻的名义共同生活。在这期间,当地的村委会也到钱某家中做赵某的工作,要求赵某回家生活,但是赵某不同意回去,执意要和钱某生活在一起。最终忍无可忍的孙某向公安机关报案,当公诉机关的承办人在审查起诉期间询问赵某时,赵某表示仍然打算和钱某一起过下半辈子。   依法被判9个月   今年5月份,泾县人民检察院就该案向泾县人民法院提起公诉,泾县法院经审理认为,被告人赵某在未办理离婚手续的情况下,公开和同村村民以夫妻名义同居生活且长达四年之久,造成了恶劣的社会影响,严重地破坏了我国的一夫一妻制度,依法应予以严惩,不具备适用缓刑的条件。故依法判处赵某有期徒刑九个月。   收到判决书后,赵某不服一审判决向上一级人民法院提出上诉。经我市中级人民法院对该案做出“驳回上诉、维持原判”的终审裁定,终审法院认为如对其适用缓刑,不能排除其不会再次犯罪的可能性,且对所居住社区可能造成重大不良影响,故对赵某及其辩护人提出的要求适用缓刑的辩护意见不予采纳。相关的主题文章: