Ji’nan cancer heroes Wang Yuhai love is the best medicine in Beijing alienware m17x

Ji’nan cancer heroes Wang Yuhai: love is the best medicine in Beijing – Wang Yuhai "anticancer heroes" of the name in the group of patients. 13, 2009, Wang Yuhai drove from Changqing, arrived at the scene of the fight against cancer star sharing activities, with nearly a hundred cancer friends to share their fight like anti-cancer experience. Although there has been a strong, but this man to share the scene to open up the moment, or once choked. 2010, Wang Yuhai diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, tumor diameter of 6 cm. Wang Yuhai said, before going to the hospital, he put all the doors and windows of the house repaired, because I do not know can not come back. During the treatment, Wang Yuhai still insist on getting up at 5 every morning to go to the market to buy the hotel at home, and then alone to the hospital for treatment. The most serious side effects of treatment, he faced more than and 20 steps are not go up, but he insisted on the edge to save themselves, while taking care of their families. "There is a wife and children at home, I think, no matter how can let them feel the point down." Here, Wang Yuhai, silent sob. After six months of treatment, he was discharged from the hospital. Now, in the middle and late stages of lung cancer was sentenced to death, Wang Yuhai recovered, in a recent inspection, all of his indicators are normal, weight gain 30 pounds. Wang Yuhai said that he felt his successfully, first from the right treatment; secondly, this with his good attitude inseparable, "never eat, appetite has been good"; the movement — thanks to rehabilitation has not been broken during hospitalization from home and hospital back and forth, rehabilitation during the fishing, running, travel. "Affection is the best medicine." At the end of the activity, emotional "cancer warrior" stood up to give us encouragement: "let us together groups of anticancer, rehabilitation!" Newspaper reporter Kong Yutong相关的主题文章: