[Jin Yi] midnight 10.14 gold for the gold and silver weekly ending operation ideas explain soulseek

[Jin Yi] midnight 10.14 gold for the gold and silver weekly ending operation of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, the Fed minutes showed hawkish momentum weakened, has been in the high dollar index began to fall, a slight rebound in the short-term price of gold and silver, but the two data were released in the US yesterday than expected performance, and optimistic state table Philadelphia Fed President Haq once again encourage hawkish arrogance, once the rebound blocked, so today the next night we need to pay attention to the Fed chairman Yellen’s speech, if not put pressure on gold prices further down, then silver is expected to start a rally in the short term. [analysis] gold international gold market trend, the overall trend throughout this week, the market has been in the bottom of the shock consolidation, price volatility is also maintained at 15 dollars, relatively last week’s crash, the market this week is much more light, not out of what profit space, of course, the operation is very simple clearly, always adhere to the 1265 non shorting, Jin Yi has always been a concern for the friends all know, let’s do it need to wait until after the market to break 1265 for step back to confirm support before entering the stem, in front of the four trading days the market has not come out of the current pattern of weak shocks, will hope in weekly estimated the probability of not ending powei. Line level, the current K has been running on the 5 day moving average near MACD index below zero axis Sicha after running from go flat, green kinetic column shrinkage, KDJ index is bound to go flat, and just passive index, U.S. October University of Michigan consumer sentiment index data bullish, the short-term price of gold and silver pulled, refresh intraday high, so midnight next operation Jin Yi for gold or keep the proposal this week has been thought to high altitude. Jin Yi: WeChat jyqj0711 gold for gold [suggestion] 1, near midnight operation to $1257-1258 empty, stop 1263, target 1250 will chase 1246 [silver] silver does not do too much to explain, is still weak shocks, the operation of midnight Jin Yi for gold 17.5-17.6 near $short, stop 17.8, target to see 17 the dollar, gold and silver on the impact of specific details of the operation and the outlook of the market may consult the speech of Yellen Jin Yi for gold WeChat: jyqj0711 [Sina] shares into the financial discussion相关的主题文章: