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Jiaxing new marriage banquet placed on the table to sign the seventy thousand or eighty thousand province block marriage is an important day for each person, there are a lot of people will choose to lavish, after all, only once a lifetime. However, a bride today Xiaobian interview, she was wearing a very ordinary dress in the wedding banquet, but is not all simple, crab, lobster, no special expensive alcohol. What’s the situation? Jiaxing heinisch towns serve the village of Wang Ronghua home bustling, 9 25 April is his son’s wedding day. Different from the impression of Xu Village wedding, today this wedding is a little special, thrift has become the key word throughout the wedding. For example, the bride, apart from the wedding dress, does not have a special luxury dress, but wears a very ordinary dress. And they even canceled the location shots. Bride Zhang said, "they do not pay attention to these forms, and the parents of this generation hard to create wealth, it is not easy.". When she married herself, she was very happy if she received the blessing from her relatives and friends. In addition to these, banquet, dishes, alcohol and tobacco, etc., all aspects of the small Wangs are very thrifty. At each table there was a dinner plate with "CD ·"". Groom Wang said, Xu village in recent years, banquets are generally more luxurious, but basically eat less, there are more, the money is better than saving. He thinks thrift is a virtue and an attitude, and he hopes to use his actions to call on everyone to be thrifty. According to the chef of the wedding banquet, the emperor crab needs more than 1000, 1, and the big lobster is also hundreds. Now these things are not used for the time being, a table dish can spend a lot of money. It is understood that the couple with a thrifty wedding saved purse a red envelope, to serve the country village children and care fund members haoxuan chu. Because the couple, they received a written "Kim Tak" plaque. This practice, in fact, from the second half of last year has been promoted in Xu village, the Wang Ronghua family this time take advantage of the wedding to take the lead in practice. Once a table 5000 pieces of the feast is now half removed, a wedding down, you can save seven, eighty thousand. The table is cheap in addition to civilization Wang Haishan and Zhang Xiaoyan’s wedding day, there is one important thing: the third "Haining Culture Week" and many towns and villages in the civilized table cheap "theme promotional activities in Haining Xu village country cultural village hall open exhibition. During the event, the 7 groups of families who took the lead in the practice of civilized table action issued certificates of "civilized dining table demonstration households". There are a lot of new representatives signed the chef banquets and civilized dining undertaking, provisions of the above table number, number of dishes, the number of gifts. From the second half of last year to now, many towns and villages focus on customs activities, and vigorously promote the civilized table action, advocating frugality work ethos. Now, more and more families are beginning to accept this approach. Xiao Bian nagging: marriage is a life event in need of attention, but it does not mean that the wedding to lavish, so frugal practices worth learning.

嘉兴新人结婚酒席上摆了块桌签 结果省下七八万 结婚对于每个人来说都是一个重要的日子,有很多人都会选择大操大办,毕竟一辈子才一次。不过,今天小编采访的一位新娘,她在婚礼现场只穿了一件很普通的连衣裙,而且酒席上也是一切从简,没有帝王蟹、大龙虾,也没有特别贵的烟酒。这是什么情况?嘉兴海宁许村镇报国村的王荣华家热闹非凡,9月25日是他儿子大喜的日子。跟印象里的许村婚礼不同,今天这场婚礼办得有点特别,节俭成为了贯穿整个婚礼的关键词。比如说新娘除了婚纱外,没有准备特别奢华的礼服,而是穿了一件很普通的连衣裙。而且,他们连外景的拍摄都取消了。新娘小张说,自己不太注重这些形式,而且父母这一代辛苦创造的财富,也是很不容易的。她自己结婚的时候,只要收到亲友的祝福已经非常幸福了。除了这些,酒席上、菜式上、烟酒等,各种方面,小王家都很节俭。每一个餐桌上还放着一块餐盘,上面写着“光盘·美德”。新郎小王说,许村近年来办酒席普遍比较豪华,不过基本都是吃的少,剩的多,这些钱还不如节约下来。他觉得节俭是一种美德,也是一种态度,他希望用自己的行动来号召大家一起节俭。据婚宴主厨介绍,帝王蟹要1000多1只,大龙虾也要几百,现在这些东西暂时不用了,一桌小菜可以少花很多钱。据了解,小两口还用节俭办婚礼省下来的钱包了一个红包,送给了报国村患病儿童褚浩轩和关爱党员基金会。因为小两口的做法,他们收到了一块写了“俭以养德”的牌匾。这样的做法,其实从去年下半年就已经在许村镇提倡,王荣华家这次就趁着喜事带头实践。以前一桌5000块的酒席现在去掉一半,一场婚礼下来,可以省下七、八万。文明餐桌 节俭办事除了是王海山和张小燕的结婚的日子之外,当天还有一件重要的事情:第三届“海宁文明周”活动暨许村镇“文明餐桌 节俭办事”主题宣传活动在海宁许村镇报国村文化礼堂开展。活动中,给全镇带头实践文明餐桌行动的7组家庭颁发“文明餐桌示范户”证书。有好多对新人和家宴厨师代表签了文明餐桌承诺书,上面规定了桌数、菜数、礼金数等。从去年下半年到现在,许村镇重点开展移风易俗活动,大力推进文明餐桌行动,倡导节俭办事乡风。现在,有越来越多的家庭开始接受这样的办事方式。小编碎碎念:结婚的确是一件人生大事需要重视,但并不意味着婚宴要大操大办,这样节俭的做法值得大家学习。相关的主题文章: