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Jiaxing 90 guy donated lamps light the way home for the 22 groups of villagers Yonghong village South Lake District Fengqiao town villagers, three main road this year is the most happy thing is to group all installed on the new street lamps, illuminate the road we travel at night. What is surprising is that this project is not funded by government agencies, welfare agencies, but the village of a 90 boss – Chen Jun. Chen Jun was born in 1990, is a native of "permanent Reds", is currently the general manager of Jiaxing Australia textiles limited. Talking about the original intention of installing the street in the village, Chen Jun said that his grandmother’s experience so that he sprouted the idea. "Every night, the group in the village is always dark, my grandmother was old, several times almost go back and we often talk about wrestling, too dark, if there are several streetlights as well." Grandma casually said, Chen Jun was careful in mind. "Submitted to the relevant departments for a long time, and the village road is not necessarily take into account." Chen Jun after a variety of consulting, and ultimately decided to invest in the light of their own road. This summer, Yonghong Village 22 groups of lamp installation project officially started. Chen Jun specially chose the energy saving and environmental protection solar street lamp, the total cost of the installation of 20 reached more than 8 yuan. Very generous to the villagers Chen Jun a little "pull" but on their own, in order to save labor costs, will drive a forklift he personally into battle, while the overseer, the side to help. Busy for the past 3 months, in the group of three major road finally all over the solar lights. During the interview, Chen Jun often referred to his father, he told reporters that his own enthusiastic man is completely affected by his father. 10 years ago, father Chen Yougen, founder of the Jiaxing City gold beans hardware stamping Co. Ltd., life gradually rich he did not forget to repay society, in recent years, during the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival is a traditional festival, Chen Yougen always send gifts and money for more than 70 years of age in the elderly group. In addition to learning the way of doing business on his father, Chen Jun also took the hands of his father warm heart Helping the masses baton". "This year is a holiday greeting, I get together with village elders warmth, this year to the group of street lamps installed practical projects have also been recognized by the father." Chen Jun said that compared to his father, he was more than a party member’s identity, so he will serve the people promise has been practicing.相关的主题文章: