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Jia Kang: how to treat the "China mode" [Abstract] in the face of the relationship between the fate of the national revival of Hamlet "life or death issues, is to talk about the" China mode ", or to focus on" China road "," China scheme "and" China choice "is more appropriate? The present author: Jia Kang ("China’s Hom" author) World Bureau, China’s Hom: the historical test soon, the trap must be crossed! The author Chinese inscription development is approaching the historic test mark, "China miracle" and "China collapse" two extreme views can often appear at the same time in a circle of friends". There is no "China model", the two sides of the opposing views have been debated for several years, heat unabated. And China must "Kaner" of the "middle income trap" combination, here, I wish to reiterate the past have expressed the view: in refining the core concepts, such as to put the development of Chinese said a new model, there are obvious problems. As a "Chinese model" such a "keyword" or "basic concept", I always feel at this stage is difficult to establish and identify. Talk about a new "model", such as "Chinese mode", the internal logic includes at least: first, it is different from the existing mode (otherwise, it has been attributed to the formation of patterns on it); second, it has the basic stability, has not said how "mature", but at least has been "shaping" (or at least in Professor Ding Xueliang called the "prehistoric" stage); third, it can in some extent for other subjects under similar conditions to emulate or copy (otherwise, the history and other subject no one-time law emulate or draw something called reluctantly a model for human beings are not what meaning — of course, if the conclusion is compared with that "to avoid" model, will have a meaning, but it is now the community Discussion on the perspective and atmosphere of "China model". Some understanding of the economic and social model, I am in favor of the scholars emphasized the "framework" of Political Economics (political economics, Political Economy, in its origin, is the subject of national political power and economic resources as a system related to grasp). First, from a political point of view. Chinese political model is still not get rid of the "Soviet model" belongs to Deng Xiaoping explicitly criticized "over centralization of power" and "party" ills obvious pattern, is a comprehensive reform by the senior leadership has emphasized the political system reform in the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee and the economic, political, cultural and social (after eighteen further advance to "the four overall strategic layout) to transform mode. Secondly, from the economic point of view. China economic model is Deng Xiaoping, "we also want to engage in the direction of evolution of target model of market economy", and how in the world has been relatively clear market economy based on the formation mechanism of "Chinese socialist market economy", we also need to do a lot of learning, develop and deepen the reform of the work at present is not clear we can for the market economy contribution.相关的主题文章: