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The Japanese League super star players invited to follow fans: fight but the super sports   – Sohu; Beijing on September 9th news, the Japanese J League held the day before the Executive Committee to increase the quota of foreign aid has become an important issue. It is reported that the J league now each club team can have up to 3 foreign aid registration, in the future to consider "4+1": Based on the original 3 place in Thailand, and with the cooperation between Asian countries, amateur and under the age of 20 foreign players, also can have 2 registered. Also means that a club can enable up to 5 foreign aid. This program is the fastest, may start next season. J league executive committee to increase the quota of foreign aid programs were actively explored: "each club as long as the Japanese players have more than 15, all the other foreign aid can also be. The extreme point of view is: a club by 15 Japanese players, and 15 Brazil foreign aid can also be. Also discussed the current foreign aid system: every game in the bench foreign aid can only be 3+1." J League official said, the specific number of foreign aid will increase the number of places, how much to lose the number of Japanese players, will make a formal decision after deliberation. Japanese media pointed out that this will certainly lead to the J League on reducing local players the opportunity to play the Japanese "controversy," but in order to increase the game players and foreign players the opportunity to enhance the strength of the Japanese national team, increase the quota of foreign aid is imperative." J League vice chairman, former vice president stressed that not blindly increase the quota of foreign aid, but focus on improving the quality of foreign clubs invited to come to the foreign aid." The Japanese team was eliminated in the group phase stage of the Rio Olympics, the national team in the 2018 Russia world cup final qualifying (12 finals) of the two games is sluggish, even unable to obtain risk qualify directly. Hara Fukumi recently said J statement, the League should dress to actively introduce world-class players in foreign aid: "increased J League foreign aid quota, not because the existing J league players back. This is a good environment in order to create a distinct personality and Japanese players of foreign aid, world class players to share the domestic players. Improving the quality of foreign aid in J League is imperative." But the J League increased quota of foreign aid has been a lot of Japanese fans poured cold water: "occupation career peak period of foreign aid will not come to Japan League, this futile", "world star for the money, also will go to it", "star burst buy foreign aid, but in the super League fight J." Many Japanese netizens pointed out: China’s investment in football and the intensity of the scale, to be more than the beginning of the last century, the J League, so super, Chinese players grow faster than the J League, is normal. Now the J League to spare no effort to catch up, too. Roots or no money."相关的主题文章: