Japanese Park explosion caused 1 dead and 3 injured 4 per capita for men – Sohu news-verbal jint

Japan Park explosion caused 1 dead 3 injured: 4 per capita for men – Sohu news [global network reported] Japan Li Wood County today surprised and Utsunomiya city parking lot near the town of bang! Utsunomiya Park, at least 2 explosions in the sound coming from the local time is 11:30 or so, a vehicle parking lot on fire. Taiwan media reported on 23 October, 1 men dead bodies are severely damaged, 3 men were wounded in the park, 1 of which were male burst debris stabbed, the seriousness of the injury is unknown. Witnesses said the scene smelled the smell of gunpowder, the police are still investigating whether the two explosions. Reported that the scene photos show the car burst into flames. Firefighters said 1 people were killed and 3 injured on the ground, police have cordoned off the scene. Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) in the park: "the report quoted witnesses that heard a loud noise, a man was playing to the bench behind a thick smell of gunpowder near." There are friends online message that heard about 3 loud noise. There are reports that the suspect may be a car explosion, the police have not yet explained the cause of the explosion. According to Japan’s "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported that the park is celebrated, the police are evacuated to prevent a stampede, the former SDF male officer.相关的主题文章: