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The Japanese want to recover the TV market share SONY Matsushita formed 8K Alliance on household appliance market in the most intense competition than the TV market. In order to cope with such a tragic environment, each brand alliance together even churning in the market. According to Nikkei news reports, SONY and Panasonic will work with Japan’s NHK and other companies jointly develop 8K TV, to build a Japanese Television Alliance, to regain the market share of the Chinese and Korean brands to steal. Although the popularity of flat-panel TV market in 2000, the Japanese companies have a leading edge, but from the beginning of the mid 2000, the market share gradually began to flow to China and South korea. 2015 sales of the top ten home appliance manufacturers, headquartered in Japan, only SONY and SHARP, while South Korea has two companies, Chinese companies have four. Faced with this situation, Matsushita and SONY, NHK and other companies to jointly develop support for 8K standard TV technology, high-speed processing technology cooperation in the development of a large number of image data, to grasp through cutting-edge technology in the competition to win together. 8K TV resolution is currently the highest level on the market, even if the screen can also ensure that large screen realistic. Different from other regions of the gradual transition, Japan’s choice is more jumping, the plan was first launched in 2018, the full implementation of 8K TV broadcast. But this advanced technology to the development and promotion is not so easy, Matsushita and SONY intends to seek other local enterprises to share the cost of development, strive for the first to occupy the 8K heights, to Chinese and Korean brands to achieve corner overtaking. SONY plans to launch 8K TV in 2020, Panasonic did not give a specific date, but will seize the opportunity of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, before the introduction of the corresponding products. In fact, in terms of 8K technology, Japanese companies will also face competition from China and South korea. So the winner from the current point of view, is still unknown. But what is certain is that 8K gradually replace the 4K that is a few years of effort, to see who can start the market for the first opportunity.相关的主题文章: