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Jane Zhang’s mother hand son-in-law   Feng Keen scored pet female fans who — people.com.cn Hainan windows — people.com.cn entertainment articles of public opinion to settle the housework, recently Baoqiang Wang divorce, much of Macao tycoon " " and China; rice; the fourth mistress Hao door scores, but the people all the unspoken rules of the game, is not directly exposed to the parties, saying the harder, but also go beyond that, the crowd will eight upside down, to distinguish the various portals to reason, more time is silent, the subsequent impact let time dilute the short acting entertainment event brings, such as still " " Ma Rong, another; story sometimes avoid the limelight, they invariably choose the countermeasures. But Jane Zhang said Frank or gas head or not, her good friend " " help clarify;, more level is set up a bright target of doubling the innocent girl " " micro-blog comments, suspicious screenshots, the interaction is more ambiguous and meet the eye everywhere, let things become more whirling. It also pushed her to the more beyond dispute. Jane Zhang than " innocent girl " more out of bounds, is the mother of Jane Zhang. Early divorce, single handedly brought the bear bitter hardships music dream girl, she looked at the colorful entertainment roll, she is not the entertainment system that all things to all men everything ready for my daughter and grabbed " star mother " Wen Zhen, her long real, full of familiar " poor parents " "; sincere, mom this is just for you to worry about, and " " I think he is not a good stuff " the iron mouth straight off, keep for thirteen years, do not hesitate to take the most is not the way to a if you do not involve a life-and-death struggle, the identity of public figures and not less the property, in this case, It is often seen. almost every day in each local family mediation program in taiwan. She will take into account the impact of this surprise for her daughter’s career? She will think of a battle on the company, the interests of the fans, which caused, and brought embarrassment to her daughter? , obviously, this is a typical, many Chinese mother although " you happy, " " children do what we decided to support " but, knowing that the feelings of things is always difficult to have the right and wrong, when Jane Zhang " " happy with her; that the correct direction and draw further apart, another attitude. (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: