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IPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Note 7: comparative evaluation function over form 7 iPhone Plus and Galaxy Note 7 Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 30th news, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fell, it may cause permanent damage to the Note brand, however, our view of the mobile phone has not changed. Note 7 is an unprecedented powerful Samsung products, which set a number of advantages in one, it is difficult to be replaced by other products. If you do not consider the price, Note 7 is definitely the best Android phone, because of this, if you want to find a cell phone with the iPhone 7 Plus comparison, select the Note again appropriate, but. Samsung and apple are attached great importance to high-quality photo experience, emphasizing the rapid and accurate fingerprint identification system, want to enhance brand awareness through external design. If we compare the two phones, we will have some new discoveries. Technology website Androidcentral recently on two models of mobile phone are compared. The evaluation report is as follows: two the hardware interface of apple and Samsung mobile phone to make a rounded rectangle mobile phone better, mobile phone back installed a camera installed in front of the Home button. No matter what a mobile phone, the vast majority of space in front of the screen is occupied, no matter what color to buy the phone, the biggest difference in the rear cover. Overall, the two phones look very similar, more similar than the previous phone. We will apple black version of iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung black version of Onyx Note to do a comparison, separated by a room, standing on the front of the phone, it is difficult to distinguish between the two of the 7. If you choose the Jet Black version of iPhone 7 Plus, the difference may be smaller. There are two main reasons why this is interesting. First of all, in addition to S series mobile phone, Apple launched the first appearance of a design has not changed much of the mobile phone, this is an extraordinary change; secondly, to today, Samsung has excellent industrial design. When we picked up Note 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the difference between the two is only gradually apparent. Matte black iPhone texture is the surface, it is easier to grasp some of the Samsung mobile phone back is the glass, in the hands of our hands will be more hard to prevent slide. This is reflected in the large version of the iPhone 7 Plus is more obvious, if we only use the thumb, we are across the screen. In the 7 series of mobile phones, apple did not change the proportion of the screen and the body, because of this, the 7 series of mobile phones, although the screen than the Note on the 7, but the larger the total size.   Note 7 screen is more excellent Apple phone display is not only smaller size, resolution is also lower. IPhone 7 Plus installed screen resolution is only 1080p, Samsung Note 7 reached 1440p, the pixel density is less than 118ppi. Two mobile phone display is not comparable. Samsung)相关的主题文章: