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IPhone  7 buy Raiders: which version of the most affordable? (Figure –IT–) people.com.cn original title: iPhone 7 purchase strategy: make a stingy too stingy to pull out a hair " " people from Apple’s September autumn conference is getting closer, the news about the new iPhone also can be heard without end with this several years, but Apple’s security than ever before, the main information online about iPhone 7 in exposure. Including the appearance, performance are also about one or two, so the remaining is announced after cash purchase price. Rumors iPhone 7 listed in September 23rd, but as a new generation of product pricing and how we must as can be imagined, in the official website on the basis of pricing too stingy to pull out a hair, and without a penny, which version of the most affordable, which is today the theme of this article. IPhone 7 introduction: buy a " " too stingy to pull out a hair; stingy; buy analysis: say don’t body is very honest if you are a iPhone6s user, then whether or not to buy the iPhone 7? Old users can be said to be a major force, the replacement of the apple and the near future, according to a survey by the American news website Quartz, if the new issue of this year’s iPhone mobile phone has no obvious innovation in the design, only 9.3% of the surveyed American iPhone users said have the possibility to upgrade to the latest mobile phone. Although the appearance of iPhone 7 can not be satisfied with the survey results show that if Apple released this year, the new phone is not innovative in the design, the vast majority of people will not buy new. But in fact, the appearance is not the absolute reason to decide to buy, so first you need to analyze the iPhone 7. IPhone5iPhone5s users: 5S users are still using iPhone 5iPhone, iPhone 7 is undoubtedly worth starting. Because Apple perennial use small screen strategy, since iPhone 6 opens the era of the big screen has become the upgrading of the most obvious generation, from 5 to 7 for the screen is obviously increased, will also bring better visual upgrade directly, also there is either iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, can have no more iOS 9 for daily use, often Caton phenomenon. IPhone5iPhone5s users should be upgraded to iPhone 6 users: like the 5 series, 6 series iPhone system is currently in use by more than 9 of iOS has not been able to feel the silky feeling, and lack of Caton will remind you often mobile phone performance, not to mention the upcoming iOS 10, so if you are a focus on the system fluency for users, iPhone 7 also behoove. But the big screen iPhone 6 is enough for many users, so lightweight users can also wait and see attitude. IPhone SE6s series user: currently two)相关的主题文章: